How to use TouchPad Toolbox to install Android, erase webOS on the HP TouchPad

It’s been nearly 3 years since HP launched and then quickly discontinued the HP TouchPad. But the 9.7 inch tablet continues to live on thanks to the efforts of independent developers.

Hackers have been installing new builds of Android on the tablet for ages, and while the road has sometimes been bumpy, these days the aging TouchPad is probably better with Android than it ever was with webOS.

Unfortunately installing Android on the TouchPad has always been a somewhat complicated process. Recently things got a lot simpler.

Developer JC Sullins has released a tool called TouchPad Toolbox, or TPToolbox which replaces older tools and lets you install Android with just a few button presses. And that’s not all it can do.


You can use TPToolbox to resize your device partitions or repair partitions. And unlike ACMEInstaller (the original tool for installing Android on the TouchPad), TPToolbox erases webOS entirely.

This gives you more space for your Android operating system, apps, and files. You can still re-install webOS, but you’ll need to use TouchPad Toolbox again to make some changes and then download webOS Doctor to restore your tablet to factory settings.

NoteIf you want to keep webOS, there’s a way to do that. But it’s a bit more complicated and involves first uninstalling Android from your TouchPad (if it’s already installed) and wipe your internal SD card. Roland Deschain has describes how to that in the “If you wish to keep WebOS” section of his guide at the RootzWiki forum

If you’re already running Android on your HP TouchPad, TPToolbox provides the simplest way to resize your storage partitions so you can install data media builds of Android (which includes most recent custom ROMs based on Android 4.4 KitKat).

How to install Android with TouchPad Toolbox

Note that TouchPad Toolbox is designed to run from a Windows PC or Mac with a TouchPad tablet plugged in via USB cable, although the Linux instructions might work for Mac as well.

I used a Windows PC for testing purposes, so this guide assumes you’re also using a Windows computer. If you have a Mac or Linux machine, check out the xda-developers forum for tips.

Also note that TPToolbox will wipe all the data from your device and rewrite your boot menu… so make sure to backup any data you need before proceeding. And if anything goes wrong, you’re on your own for finding a solution.

With that in mind, here are some tips for using TPToolbox to install Android on an HP TouchPad for the first time or to install a newer version of Android. The whole process should take less than 20 minutes (I made a few cuts in the video above so you wouldn’t have to watch the boot logo for 3 minutes on first boot, among other things).

1. Make sure you have Java installed

Download the latest version of Java and make sure it’s installed.

2. Install Novacom driver

Once you’re sure that Java is installed, download the Universal Novacom Installer .jar file from Google Cloud and click to run.

tp install novacom

Follow the instructions and it should install Novacom on your system.

3. Download TouchPad Toolbox

Grab the latest version of TouchPad Toolbox using the links from the xda-developers forum. Unzip the files to a folder on your computer.

There should be 3 files, a .bin file, a .bat file for Windows, and an .sh file for Linux and Mac.

Technically we’re all set to run TouchPad Toolbox now, but if you use it to modify your device you might end up with a tablet that doesn’t do anything. So let’s take a detour and download the operating system files.

4. Download an Android ROM, recovery, and gApps file

You need three things to get the full Android experience. A recovery lets you flash software updates and make other changes. The Android ROM is basically the operating system. And the gApps package includes the Google Play Store and other Google apps such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps.

There are a number of versions of each that you can use. JC Sullins has download links for a few custom recoveries (I’m using TWRP because it’s the one I’m most familiar with, but CWM also works), but you’re kind of on your own for finding compatible ROMs and gApps packages.

Here are a few to get you started. JC Sullins (the same guy who created TPToolbox) created a pretty good build in April, and you can find details and download links at xda-developers.

I’m using a nightly build of CyanogenMod 11 from June 3rd, 2014 for this test. Developer invisiblek has links to the latest versions in a different xda-developers forum thread. Or you can just grab the download straight from Dev-Host.

I’m also using invisiblek’s gApps package from Dev-Host.

At launch, TPToolbox supports recent builds of CM11 (CyanogenMod), AOKP (Android Open Kang Project), and EV (Evervolv) for “tenderloin,” which is the code-name for the HP TouchPad. As usual, there are more details at xda-developers.

Anyway, once you have your ROM, recovery, and gApps files downloaded, save them to a folder on your PC. Do not unzip them.

5. Reboot your TouchPad into webOS recovery

Now you’re ready to really get started. Plug your tablet into your PC with a USB cable and then reboot into recovery:

Android users: Most Android ROMs let you press and hold the power button and until a power menu pops up. Choose the reboot option and when you get to a black screen with blue text, choose the option for webOS recovery. A big USB icon should appear on your screen.

webOS users: If this is your first time installing Android and you’re currently running webOS, power down the tablet completely. Then press and hold the VolumeUp and Power button simultaneously until you see the big USB icon.

6. On your PC, double-click the tptb_v40_win.bat file

If you’re using a Linux or mac machine, you’d use the .sh file instead.

Now you should see a lot of white text fly by on your TouchPad screen. When it’s done, you’ll see the TouchPad Toolbox user interface.


7. Complete Data Reset

Now for the scary and awesome part. We’re about to wipe any and all operating systems currently installed and change the partition scheme. Don’t worry: even though we’re removing webOS, we’re not removing the webOS recovery — that means you can always run TPToolbox again if you need to.

From this screen, use the volume keys to change the highlighted item until you get to “Complete Data Reset.”

Hit the Home button to select it. You’ll be asked a few times if this is really what you want to do. Keep hitting Home to select… unless you’ve changed your mind.

8. Install Android

When you see the “Done” message, use the volume buttons to get to the “Install Android” option and hit the Home button to start the process.

This will automatically mount your tablet as a USB mass storage device so you can copy the ROM, recovery, and gApps files you downloaded in step 4 into the folder called “ttinstall.”

Once you’re finished copying files, just select the option on your TouchPad to “unmount media volume” and the install process will continue.

TPToolbox will verify the files, ask you if you want to confirm, and then get started.

Once it’s installed your recovery your tablet will reboot into recovery so it can load the ROM and gApps package… and then it should load CyangoenMod, AOKP, Evervolv, or whatever other version of Android you’re using.


That’s it… now you can login with your Google account, connect to WiFi, and enjoy your Android tablet.

Future versions of TPToolbox may have additional features including the ability to re-install webOS without a webOS Doctor.

You may also eventually be able to permanently install TouchPad Toolbox on your tablet so that you can access it from the boot menu without first plugging your tablet into a PC. This could let you resize and repair partitions, create webOS volumes, or make other changes without a PC.

hp touchpad cm11

  • boonesimpson

    sweet this includes the a6 flash.

    I actually send JC some money ages ago because he figured out the a6 firmware that caused sleep to brick issues.

    Basically if the battery died and would corrupt the a6 flash so no amount of charging (or battery replacement) woudl fix.

    JC Is awesome!

    • Daench

      I am actually facing a similar issue where I wiped the WebOS using tptoolbox and installed the cm11. It was working like a charm and for the first time my webcam and microphone were working in android. But then few days ago I accidently left the TP on over night and the battery completely drained and no amount of charging (tried even 3 days) is doing anything.. I have seen this issue before but earlier was able to revive it using different techniques.. none of them working now..
      Can you please help me with this?

      • boonesimpson

        Id suggest XDA forums, lots of sharp people there.

  • Shawnki91

    This was a great guide. Just finished the installation process and its 100/100. Very impressive and many thanks!

    • dddstudiomax

      Same here. I read this a couple of times, did the prep work of downloading the correct files and ran the steps. Worked like a charm, first time, no hiccups at all. Kudos to you and jcsullin. Now my Touchpad is rocking it.

      • Bruce Mac

        Hi… I’m stuck on Unmount Media Volume step. I believe all the required files are in the ttinstall folder. After selecting Unmount Media Volume and depress the home key I get the following message:
        It says working at the bottom of the TPToolbox section than quickly goes to Failed status in red. Jusdt below Failed, it says the following:
        >>>> Checking Install Files
        1 logical volume(s) in volume group “store” now active
        No Supported recovery file found…. Aborting
        Any suggestions

      • Alison O’Connell

        What exactly am I copying into the ttinstall folder. I downloaded this… I’ve unzipped and the files that come up aren’t recognized by the Touchpad. Help.

      • Brad Linder

        Don’t unzip them. Just place the zip file in your folder

      • Alison O’Connell

        Thanks Brad! I may be back. Lol

    • Rick

      Hey guys when starting the Tptb_v40_win on a pc with the tablet attached to my pc the program

  • Goutham

    Brilliant article and lots of thanks to Jcsullins, I am going to donate for his effort.

  • Terry

    Worked for me, and while I’m OK around computers, I have no programming ability. It did take some careful reading to work out exactly which files to download, but I got there. The worst bit was some of the pages to download files had multiple download buttons. One was the real button, the others were ads masquerading as buttons, and the links downloaded malware!

    • RolandDeschain79

      Get yourself ad block plus for your web browser. It’s free and you won’t have to deal with the constant blasted malware adds. Try this add blocking software on your HP TP. Its been removed from the play store(Google wants you to deal with adds) but you can download it for free from the author.

      Ad Away apk 2.8.1 Download:

      • kPATm

        Hello. I get as far as “Checking zip”

        The Rom seems to pass as does gapps
        But it fails at the CWM zip?? Do I have to rename it?


  • A guy named Joe

    It worked like a charm. Thank you.

  • George Carr

    TP Toolbox runs great UNTIL it mounts the media drive so I can sideload the Android files; but my PC does not recognize the new drive being mounted. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

    • RolandDeschain79

      Here is the fix Note(Important): If the TP Toolbox fails to run several times you may get an error message when trying to mount the volume during the install. To fix this rerun the complete data reset or wipe the USB drive from WebOS.

      • Rick R

        How would I do this process. I am getting the ERROR mount/dev/store/media/mnt/media rc=32 message. Thanks

      • RolandDeschain79

        The complete data reset is done from the TPToolbox and the USB drive wipe is done from WebOS. From WebOS go to launcher/settings/device info/reset options/erase USB drive Have a look at my guide below to see the screenshots.

        Note: that doing either of these will wipe all your files from the tablet. However WebOS will remain unchanged from the USB reset process.

        [ROM GUIDE]How to use the TouchPad Toolbox to install Android “The Super Easy Way”

        Here is the fix Note(Important): If the TP Toolbox fails to run several times you may get an error message when trying to mount the volume during the install. To fix this rerun the complete data reset or wipe the USB drive from WebOS.

      • Rick R

        Roland :Thanks for all your help it is much appreciated. My battery died & I am now at a page with these options: moboot 0.3.8
        boot webos Recovery
        I diidn’t want to make this install any more difficult so which is my next step. Thanks again, Rick R

      • RolandDeschain79

        Hey Rick, glad to help. So did you battery die during the install? The device is supposed to reboot itself and flash the rom and gapps files automatically. If that didn’t happen you can boot into recovery and manually flash the files.

        However I don’t know exactly how far you got in the installation so it might be best to just start over from scratch. Ie do a complete data reset again, then start with install android. I have a new thread I’m working on which you can have a look at. Brads video will show you what to do if you need a quick review of the steps, I’ve also got it in my thread.

        [ROM GUIDE]How to use the TouchPad Toolbox to install Android “The Super Easy Way”

      • butchamerican

        I have the same problem, except now, I can’t get novacom to recognize the touchpad so I can’t even get back into the toolbox. Oh, the difference is, it hiccuped and rebooted for some reason and now all I get are the same options:

        boot webos Recovery

        I get the USB symbol but neither computer (PC’s) is recognizing the touchpad at all.

        HELP!!! Please!!

      • RolandDeschain79

        Did you try another USB cable, that worked for Rick? Could you explain when the hiccup happened and what steps you did previously to it happening? Did you do the complete wipe and have it crash there?

      • butchamerican

        I have not tried another cable. Will try for sure. I had just finished the complete wipe and then it rebooted to the USB symbol and now nova com and the computers don’t recognize the Touchpad as a drive. I’m sick from this.

      • RolandDeschain79

        Wow that is not supposed to happen. It used to be that you could use the WebOS doctor if nothing else would work. It could find the tablet even if it didn’t register on the PC. However I’m not sure that will help you because the complete wipe is supposed to delete the partitions for WebOS and the doctor basically reinstalls WebOS on those partitions. I’ll link you to my institutional video you can give it a go but you’ll probably need to post in Jcsulins thead and ask him how to fix it.I generally recommend keeping WebOS and designed my entire thread around it. All the links are in the videos description hope it helps, if not let them know in the forum.

      • butchamerican

        Thank you Roland! Worked like a champ. I freaked out and then forgot about running the toolbox again. Ran the toolbox, and it worked. To all the developers, thank you so much. This is one amazing tablet!

      • Rick R

        Roland: Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. I can’t get my computer to recognize my touchpad. I will try a complete installation from scratch if possible.My touchpad is now showing the USB symbol.I will have to charge battery again tonight. All help is appreciated, thanks again

      • George Carr

        No, it turned out to be a hardware problem: I was using the USB cable from my phone, which was detected as invalid as a data cable for the sideloading. Switched the cable, worked like a charm.

      • RolandDeschain79

        Sometimes its the little things, always nice to have an easy fix. I wouldn’t have guessed that so good work;)

    • RayJ

      all goes well until it tries to mount the media drive. My computer never sees it. I used webos doctor and reinstalled and tried the whole process again with no better results. Any idea?

  • Rick R

    Thanks for all your work, I am really stuck at one point in the process. Where do the files go on the Touchpad . I continue to get FAILED when I try to install Android.”NO supported recovery file found.” I am first time installer & really not super tech savoy. Thanks any help appreciated, Rick R

    • Brad Linder

      After you start the Install process in step 8 the HP Touchpad should show up as USB storage on your PC and there should be a folder on the TouchPad called “ttinstall.”

      You’ll need to copy your Android ROM, Recovery (TWRP or CWM), and gApps) into that ttinstall folder before you can continue.

      • Rick R

        Brad I am getting the message : ERROR mount/dev/store/media/mnt/media rc=32 I have tried downloading files & reinstalling but no go. Should I have 3 files only in “ttinstal” I tried redownloading from the provided links but can”t get past this step. All help very much appreciated, Thanks, Rick R

      • Rick R

        Just about tried everything except a reboot. I did not want to try that. Still getting message “ERROR mount/dev/store/media/mnt/media rc=32”. But I cannot get past step 8. All help appreciated Rick R

      • quickflint

        Hey Rick R I was having the same issue. I realized that apparently you are supposed to leave the download files zipped when you transfer them to your touchpad. I kept unzipping them into the folder and getting the same error. If you were doing the same thing just copy each ZIP into the folder and go from there. Hope this helps.

  • France

    Thank you, great guide !

  • RolandDeschain79

    Excellent video and guide Brad! A few important things to note about removing WebOS below.

    I have a new Rom Guide for the Touchpad Toolbox that list’s all the supported Roms, Gapps and recoveries. Please feel free to borrow any information you like to update your guide. I still fondly remember my first time installing Android via your excellent instructions here @ liliputing. Would you mind if I post your video in my new guide? I’m sick and can’t make a video until next:(

    [ROM GUIDE]How to use the TouchPad Toolbox to install Android “The Super Easy Way”

    Time to Choose the fate of WebOS:
    Before running the Touchpad Toolbox you should decide whether or not you wish to completely remove WebOS. Even if you remove WebOS there will still be around 600-800MB of space left where it used to be on the media partition/volume. That extra space will only be used for the initial install of your roms via the TouchPad Toolbox. This space will not be accessible from some roms and will only be used by the TPToolbox or WebOS. So you must make a personal decision about WebOS’s usefulness to you. Would you rather have extra free space or a second OS that is unique but not well supported?

    On my 32GB Touchpad I have a maximum of 27.5GB available. With Android, WebOS(V3.0.5) lots of apps/preware and the free space required to use the TP toolbox(600MB+) it takes up around 1.17GB. If you remove WebOS the remaining media space will be around 600-900MB, so the total cost for WebOS is only about 500-600MB. You will need to boot into WebOS to access its media SDcard space or use either the Jcsullins CM11 or Evervolv DM Kikat roms. Personally I like WebOS and think having a dual boot device is one of the unique and intriguing features of owning an HP TouchPad, the choice is yours.

    Note: If you choose to remove WebOS you need to do these steps laid out by Jcsullins here to reinstall it.

    • Brad Linder

      Sure, I’ve embedded enough of your videos here over the years :)

      Hope you feel better soon!

      • RolandDeschain79

        Thank you very much Brad your videos and articles have always been very well written and a great source of inspiration for my own guides. Cheers

    • RolandDeschain79

      (Optional) If you wish to keep WebOS then do the following steps:

      3)Uninstall Android and Clean up your SDcard:

      A]Uninstall Android completely by using the ACMEUinstaller2, watch the instructional video here: After uninstalling Android you will automatically reboot to WebOS.

      B]Now from WebOS we will wipe our SDcard before the TPtoolbox can setup our partition/volumes. Completely wipe your SDcard by booting into WebOS and going to, launcher/settings/device info/reset options/erase USB drive. The Touchpad will then reboot itself and the data will be completely erased. Note:This will not affect your WebOS setup, apps or Preware.

      Skip this step and move right to installing android:
      A)(Optional) Complete Data Reset, Completely Removes WebOS and Android
      -If you wish to completely remove WebOS and uninstall android run this procedure.
      -Scroll down to Complete Data Reset and select it with the home button and choose yes to begin the process.
      -If you previously did step number 3 then skip this step and proceed to step B).

  • raaaaaaah

    I use a mac
    I downloaded and installed nova com thingy.
    I also happened to have downloaded Xcode.
    Now everytime I open It opens up with Xcode.(yes I plugged in my device and nothing happens on it.)
    The screen says “try re installing Novacom”
    I did but it doesn’t work
    any help?

    • raaaaaaah

      it looks something like this


      # This script is Copyright (c) 2014 James Sullins, All rights reserved.

      # James (JC) Sullins, aka jcsullins

      # No modifications or distribution without permission


      if [ ! -r ${TPTB} ];


      echo “Cannot find Touchpad Toolbox binary file ${TPTB}”

      exit 1


      echo “Checking novacom service …”

      novacom -l


      if [ $rc -ne 0 ];


      if [ $rc -eq 1 ];


      echo “Cannot find novacomd service. Try rebooting or re-installing novacomd”

      exit 2

      elif [ $rc -eq 127 ];


      echo “Unable to find novacom program. Try re-installing novacomd”

      exit 4


      echo “Unknown error rc=$rc checking for novacom service. (novacom -l)”

      exit 3



      echo “Loading TPToolbox …”

      novacom boot mem:// < ${TPTB}


      if [ $rc -ne 0 ];


      if [ $rc -eq 1 ];


      echo "Cannot connect to Touchpad."

      echo "Make sure Touchpad is connected with USB cable."

      echo "Make sure Touchpad is in webOS Recovery (bootie) mode."

      echo " (where big USB symbol shows on Touchpad screen)"

      exit 5


      echo "Unknown error rc=$rc loading TPToolbox (via novacom boot)."

      exit 6



      • RolandDeschain79

        I believe Jcsullins was looking to get some feedback from Mac users. It hadn’t been tested on a Mac before. You might want to pop into his thread at XDA and let him know about the issue. It would probably help him out to get some Mac user feedback.

        Jcs TPToolbox main thread here:

    • Christian Bell

      @raaaaaaah:disqus: On a Mac, you cannot double-click the file to run it. Instead, you need to run Terminal (Cmd-Space and do a Spotlight search for ‘Terminal’) and then run these commands (assuming you saved all the files on your desktop):

      cd ~/Desktop/
      sudo ./

      …and it should work fine.

      • raaaaaaah

        my touchpad is out of charge right now.
        I’ll try tomorrow and tell you if it works out.

      • raaaaaaah

        It says I need a password.
        The first few times when it says password is wrong I tried admin password.
        then I tried my password and it said I’m not in sudoers file
        what should I do?

      • Christian Bell

        If you’re an Admin on your Mac (see System Preferences -> Users & Groups) then it’s asking for your password. If you’re not an Admin, this probably won’t work.

      • raaaaaaah

        will try again

      • raaaaaaah

        It says I need a password.
        The first few times when it says password is wrong I tried admin password.
        then I tried my password and it said I’m not in sudoers file
        what should I do?

  • butchamerican

    I can’t get novacom to recognize the touchpad so I can’t even get
    back into the toolbox. Oh, the difference is, it hiccuped and rebooted
    for some reason and now all I get are the same options:

    boot webos Recovery

    I get the USB symbol but neither computer (PC’s) is recognizing the touchpad at all.

    HELP!!! Please!!

  • James Ruben

    my pc running windows 8 wond recognize the disk “hp touchpad” please help

  • mheath

    When I reach the TouchPad Toolbox UI on the tablet, the volume keys aren’t working to navigate, so I have no way to select Complete Data Reset. Any ideas??

  • gomanchamp

    this is great article. thanks finally i can use my touchpad. install went smooth even tho i did step 8 before step 7 by mistake.

  • Carie Black

    I am stuck on the media volume step. My touchpad is not mounting to my laptop. It shows up as being connected but is not showing up as a USB storage in order for me to open up files. Now my touchpad has no webos or android and I can’t figure out how to manually mount it to my laptop. ANy suggestions?

  • David Davies

    Followed instructions to the letter. 15 minutes later (if that) I have a new Touchpad that seems to fly. All credit to Developer JC Sullins – can I nominate him for a Nobel Prize for services to Android?

  • lostinvb

    I installed as the instructions describe without any problems. Thank you! Now, how do I keep up with the nightly updates of the ROM? In other words how do I update the ROM to newer versions?

  • Ekingboss

    I installed it, and followed the instructions and it worked perfectly. The Wifi won’t connect to the tablet. Everything else is working fine.

  • Ryan

    I just wanted to thank the developers for the hard work and the organization of the steps on this website. The existing install of WebOS was limited to say the least. This is fantastic and extremely impressed!

  • Jeff Nmi Ruiz

    Went through a few rooting guides and although they worked, I was not happy with them. I came across this one and love it! It rocks. Now if I could only find something similar for the Motorola Xoom :d

  • Christian Bell

    Very helpful article, and very easy upgrade! I followed this on my Mac running OS X 10.9.4 and it works fine.

  • shumad1

    After unmounting the media volume (post copy of recovery, gapps and rom to ttinstall folder) I see the following: Checking Install files…

    1 logical volume (s) in volume group “store” now active

    No supported recovery file found. Aborting.

    My ttinstall folder contains:

    I’m assuming the last is my recovery. I’ve done the complete data reset three times, with the same issue. If I choose reboot, I get:
    Selected: ‘boot’
    Loading ‘ /boot/uImage-2.6.35-palm-tenderloin’…FAILED

    Any idea on what’s going on? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • shumad1

      Any idea what’s going on? I’ve had to go back to WebOS due to this. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

      • Frieder2124

        Hi shumad1, have the same problems. Did you meanwhile fix it?

    • mikekidder

      Did you try another recovery file instead of using TWRP?

      • shumad1

        Thank you for replying! Yes, I have tried both the CWM and TWRP.

  • HpTouchpadUser

    perfect instructions, very easy to follow..
    works like a charm.
    thank you,..

  • Rick

    Hey gang new player, go everything ready and connected the tablet with the usb symbol to my pc with usd cable and the tptb_V40_win program say can’t find touchpad…. When attaching the touchpad it did load the drivers for (bootie) ok but for some reason not seeing it. I have tried a few usb cables with no success. PC doesn’t see it either…in “normal” mode in touchpad and connected with usb cable, the pc does see it.

  • David Paul Armbruster

    This worked like a champ, but I am having problems with Netflix. It is all garbled when I attempted to watch a movie. The app runs fine until I attempt to watch a selected movie. All other apps appear to be working fine. Has any one else had an issue with the Netflix app after doing this process?

    • Todd Bruno

      Same issue here. Garbled for a few seconds, then corrects itself. Everytime you FF, Rewind, Play movie in netflix. Using latest nightly”

  • Trev

    I am having trouble on step 6 running the batch file. It can not find my novacomd program and I installed it numerous times.. any suggestions?

    • TheLilK98

      I had this problem too, you just have to make sure your tptoolbox.bat is in the same folder as your novacomd.

      • MiamiMike

        TPTOOLBOX and Novacomd are all in same folder.
        Batch file says novacomd not running.
        I check with Task Manager and it is running.
        What Now? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Dave Larson

    Awesome guide! Great work again Brad :-)

    My TouchPad USB connector broke (I bought an induction charging stand to keep it working.) Is this or a similar guide available for Touchpads with no computer connection?

  • ve

    great. works like a charm. detailed instrcutions….

  • Franco Viccia

    Thanks you a lot! It was really usefull.

  • Farhan

    I’m getting an error on extract_recovery. The error is “updater-script not readable”.

    This file is present in the cm11 zip, and can be opened with the text editor. Any idea what could be the issue?

    • mickael

      i have the same problem. No answer anywhere !! Did you solve the problem???

      • Farhan

        yes, use windows to follow this guide. I was facing this problem with Ubuntu, and was able to escape when switched to Windows.

  • Thomas D

    Mine worked great for 2 hours and now wont power on :-(

    • Farhan

      I am facing the same issue. Google: “SOD touchpad” . Apparently this problem is very common, and there are dozens of answers out there. In case you solve it, let me know which one worked for you.

  • Jesus Adrian Rosas

    my tablet pc does not recognize when it is mounted as usb ago

    • Judy

      i am having the same issue. can someone help?J

  • helpful hand

    one thing, when coping files DO NOT UNZIP!!!!! took me an hour to figure out what went wrong with mine…

  • Nathallya Morato

    Need personal help, can not get out of step 6. Might be that I downloaded the wrong file. are many links and I get confused somewhere. can help me?

  • Nathallya Morato

    Hello guys, I read all the posts of this blog but none could help me so I can install android, I still believe it may be some file that is not downloaded properly, and neither got back to what he was before, ie without operating system none on my tablet.

    he failed installation of Kendo ask for unmoutnt Media volume.

    I await the return of someone who can help me.

  • Pete

    I have this error message, loading /boot/uImage-2.6.35-Palm-tenderloin…. Failed

    I need help


    • shumad1

      Got the same error. Posted a month ago-still no replies.

      • shumad1

        Fixed! Had two separate corrupted recovery files. Used the base CWM-worked fine.

  • keldur1

    WOW! I set it up just like you did with exception of gapps and WOW again. I never really liked this tablet until now. dual boot was a pain. this tab works great w/kitkat. so far every app I’ve tried has worked except Netflix and camera, it is so so. but I don’t use this tab to watch movies or take pics. still much better than previous mods or webos. thank you! Great job to everyone!

  • Chintan

    Worked perfectly well! Thanks a lot for the video tutorial! :) Any way to fix the camera aspect ratio?

  • Jone Ricardo

    Funcionou perfeitamente para mim.

  • Madhu

    Thank you so much, this is simple and neat. I was able to install at my first attempt thanks again.

  • Brian A

    we were given an hp touchpad by a friend for my 2 little girls (3 and 5) to use to play games. After realizing there are no games available because there aren’t any hp apps :) I looked online and found your android install instructions. You’ve made 2 little girls very happy now that they have access to android apps, we’re grateful to you. Thanks a ton.

  • sam

    I installed this perfectly but the only problem now is it keeps freezing and becomes unresponsive in a black screen ( one time in a blue screen) the device wont charge and sees dead till i press power then home button to restart. need help please

  • slimhomies

    I get an error message in Google play “could not download due to an error (491)”

    • kalyan kumar gudivada

      hi, i am getting same error – Google play store “could not download due to an error (491)” to download any app. how did u resolved ur error. please advise ?

    • Ally

      I am also having this problem, tried many suggestions none have worked. Example: First, you need to remove and then reinstate later your Google account. This you can do in the settings of your Android device, under accounts, tap on the Google option and then hit the menu button and select remove account.

      Before adding it in again, restart your Android smartphone or tablet.

      Now, add the account once again by going by the same route to get to the option in settings. Next, go to the Applications or Apps section in the settings and swipe left until you see all apps.

      Scroll down until you find Google services. Here clear the data and the cache in the app info, and finally force stop.

      Maybe it will work for you. Did not for me

  • duck95

    Great write up. I followed your instructions and everything worked seamlessly.

    • sam

      is your touch pad getting sod’s once installed only android? can you tell me which ones rom, gapps, and recovery u used that worked?

      • Alison O’Connell

        Hi. This page may have what you’re looking for. I used the ROM with the first recovery and first gapps package. Work great for me. Hope this helps.

      • sam

        thanks, i installed this and a couple others that caused my touchpad to have a sound problem after going into sleep and not waking up from sleep at least once a day. I gave up and installed SCHIZOID 2.11 rom with an android 4.2.2 and works great so far with no problems,


    Nice utility. But I’m getting stuck. I’m running osx mavericks and the TT software is loading on the Touchpad. Everything is super until I get to the point where the recovery is supposed to install. I get a failure message that says updater-script is unreadable. I’ve tried every permutation of recovery package on JC’s list to no avail. I’m sure I’m using recoveries that the TT can work with.

    I killed webos in the process of preparing for the android install, so I am stuck. I can’t get the install files on the Touchpad as I can’t get it to show up as a USB device now. Easy options are gone . I’m out on a limb here with a Touchpad paperweight.

    • Alison O’Connell

      Congrats! I kept getting errors installing android and then I just d/l another zip from jc’s list.

      • WLOYD

        One thing I observed was that installing from OSX doesn’t seem to get good results. Zips I downloaded with Mavericks didn’t register with Touchpad Toolbox v41 or v40 for that matter. I was eating from a plate of fail until I started working from win7.

  • horse

    Sound not working for me,any suggestions

  • DD

    I installed android on my touchpad following process mentioned above and I am getting SOD issues. all the SOD solutions are older than this Android Toolbox.. please suggest some effective solutions. I have wiped out webOS following this process.

  • Alison O’Connell

    Now it seems I’ve messed things up. I was able to access the TPToolbox yesterday and performed a Complete Data Reset. Today the battery drained .I’m trying to charge it with my phone charger (it’s been working with that USB cord since I received the TP 2 weeks ago). Now all I get is the battery and plug on the screen and the notice to use the charger for the Touchpad. i did the hard reset but it keeps showing the battery and plug on the screen. Please help. Thanks.

    • Brad Linder

      Leave it to charge overnight. It’ll charge with an unofficial charger but it takes a very long time.

      • Alison O’Connell

        Thank you. The same thing happened with the battery last week, I charged for about 5 mins, did the reset, (home and power buttons) and it came back on. I had Webos and an older android system on it at the time. I’m afraid because I deleted everything it won’t go back to the mooboot menu. I’ll charge it overnight. Thanks for your help. :)

  • Alison

    Hi this is Alison, So right now my toolbox shows in the touchpad but the touchpad does appear on my computer. There is a new folder labeled Palm, Inc. I have no ttinstall folder. I don;t seem to be able to mount media volume. Is there a way I can transfer the Rom, recovery, & Gapps zip file to the touchpad?

    • Alison

      ****Does not appear on my computer but it is connected.

  • Alison O’Connell

    OK. I’m finally to the point where I have the ttinstall but when I copy the approved zip file, after I mount the device, it fails. Do I have to change the file name? It’s starts with – update cwm………

  • Ropofo

    I am at the media volume mounted part, i have put the files in ttinstall but still get a fail can anyone help???

    • Alison O’Connell

      Did you eject the device and then unmount the device?

  • Hasan

    “Unfortunately, Setup wizard has stopped” error…my device wont power off….what to do?

  • Alison O’Connell

    Now that I have everything ready to go, the computer with toolbox that allowed me to reset data does not recognize novacomd. The tablet is in os recovery mode. It reads- server not found, cannot find novacomd services, try reinstalling. I have no idea why this is happening. Could you please help? Thanks.

  • joy

    I tried to run the tptb_v40_win.bat and am getting the issue saying “Unknown Command” everytime..

    I checked the bat and its having issue on the following line everytime which is trying to load the the “TPToolbox-2014-05-18-v40.bin”.

    Command executing failure – “novacom -s boot mem:// < %TPTB%" that results "Unknown Command"

    Here is the output from the console

    Setting Palm path …
    Checking novacom service …
    usb topaz-linux
    Loading TPToolbox …

    unknown command
    Cannot connect to Touchpad.
    Make sure Touchpad is connected with USB cable.
    Make sure Touchpad is in webOS Recovery (bootie) mode
    (where big USB symbol shows on Touchpad screen)

    Anyone hit the same roadblock and resolved the issue..

  • Alison O’Connell

    This finally worked for me. Thanks!

  • Red Raleigh

    Excellent Post. I bought 3 Touchpads during the fire sale and had not really used them much. Tried an earlier Android version but was too complicated to install so I put them away. This worked like a charm! I’m using them everyday now. Great!!

  • noelledisney

    I am stuck on #8. I thought I followed everything exactly as written….what am I missing?
    >>>checking install files…
    1 logical volume(s) in volume group “store” now active
    No supported ROM file found. Aborting.

    • Mishael Arana

      Having the same issues, any news on this?

      • Gabriel

        Anyone in the last two months been able to get past this?

        I’m having the same issues and, if it helps…

        * My WebOS hasn’t been upgraded ever
        * I did not wipe WebOS
        * I chose the “Tenderloin” KitKat build and the standard CWM recovery zip.

      • Samar Gaber

        Gabril i need your help plz ?

      • Gabriel

        I pretty much shared all the knowledge I have on the matter, but I’m willing to try. What’s up?

      • Samar Gaber

        novacom everytime i try to install it
        i make ERROR :(

      • Ishaan

        same here

      • Gabriel

        What is the error? If it’s the same as above, “No supported ROM file found”, then download a different Android ROM entirely. Some of them don’t work with TPToolBox.

      • Samar Gaber

        okay i gonna try thank you very much

      • whoKnows

        Try the latest version of Novacom Universal installer from:

        I had the same issue and it was fixed after trying the latest version.

      • FuckYouThatsWhy

        cm-11-21040409-SNAPSHOT-jcsullins-tenderloin, gapps-kk-21040606-signed, and update-TWRP-jcs-dm-tenderloin-20140512 all work well together.

      • mik3y3333

        im using these and it keeps say update-TWRP-jcs-dm-tenderloin-20140512 is unreconigzed any ideas

    • Grennion

      just rename the Rom zip-file to “” and it will work.

  • Danny Ji

    i got the error says cannot find touchpad toolbox binary file .

    what to do?

  • Danny Ji

    on 8 step when i try to unmount media volume the fail to verify the process.what should i do ?

  • rajasurya

    after successful installation touchpad does not turn on

  • Robert Darin Ashley

    I found gapps thats good and a rom thats good but the 3rd file i cant find one toolbox likes can anyone help

  • Robert Darin Ashley

    my third file fails can anyone give me help

  • Lardro

    My Touchpad is connected and in recovery mode(big USB is displayed) and I am able to access files on it. However, when I click on tptb_v40_win.bat it gives me the following:

    Setting Palm Path
    Checking Novacom service
    Loading TP Toobox

    Unable to find device
    Cannot connect to Touchpad

    Hit any key to proceed

    Any ideas

    • Brett Grayson

      Having same problem. See above.

    • ian

      Open your device manage and check if your touchpad has been detected properly. if your windows is 64 bit, then dl and install the 64 bit version of novacom.

  • fer_seoane

    Easy to install. Work very fine for a couple of weeks. Today I install moviecity play from google store, start configuring the application… then freeze up the touchpad .. after a while it startup with the cyanogenmod logo. It’s been already a couple of hours and I can´t turn it off and it still showing the cyanogenmod logo. I have tried pushing the power button for different amounts of time mixing it with the volume and/or center button. It seems i would have to wait until battery dies. I would appreciate any ideas to try before making a complete data reset again

  • megan

    why does this have to be so confusing I have no clue witch stuff stuff is best to use hell I dont even know what zipping and unzipping is I’m really not tech Davey, is there a saltiness or something for people who don’t know what any of this shit means???

  • edfardos

    Used Linux PC to do all of this, worked perfectly, thank you!

  • Bob

    Brad so the procedure is the same whether I have android already installed on it now or if I just still had webos only….thank you so much for your work on this..

  • plutoooo

    Hi, thank you very much for this guide. I have already successfully remove webOS from my HP touchpad, and then installed CM11 (android 4.4.4).

    Now I have a new question. I want to accesss the touchpad through ADB. On the touchpad, I have already started the developer mode, checked the usb debugging option, selected the root access as APP AND ADB. Then, on the PC side, I did adb kill-server and then adb start-server. Now, I was able to see it in adb devices list, but I always got “unauthorized” instead of “device”. I am sure the driver is installed correctly in windows device manager.

    Is there anyone having the same issue? Please share your experience how you solve it. Thanks.

  • Tim Freeman

    I have been using the Android on the HP TP sence CM7 and this is the easy way ever. I had a issue at first trying to install with an error no comparable recovery file found went on JC TPTooolbox post and got the Newest TWARP got it working……. As soon as I can I will be supporting the work that JC does thank all of you Dev teams for your hard and amazing work on the HP TP also for people like Brad for post like this one also the videos……. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH.

  • hmnyip

    Hi, if i install on the mid-way have problem, do i need reinstall again or start from beginning?

  • marty from chicago

    Things were going as planned until, I just cannot get my touchpad to be detectable in the Media Volume Mounted stage… even on three laptops. any suggestions, this is my only tablet. third time android upgrader here on this tablet even with same windows laptop. Thanks any help would be great.

  • bngobro

    Can anyone tell me if widgets work in this version

  • RD

    Great Tutorial.
    I was stuck at a point where on installing android i got an error saying cannot read the revery file. To overcome this i used chrome to download the recovery file where it remain in zip status unlike in safari where it auto unzips it and then i had to zip it manually. Looks like the recreation of the zip was causing some issue.

    Also the zip zip issue gave me problem when loading the ROM. so used chrome again and all went well :)

    Thanks you very much for the great work

  • maggie

    This is great,your instructions are the best out there.I tried instructions from someone on youtube and could not follow.Thanks a bunch!

  • Zeus

    Novacom is not available. does anyone has it? can you send to or point me to a direcction where i can get for windows 64

  • Zeus

    I was able to find the novacom here: if any one has issues downloading it from the links provided.

  • Jonathan AGO

    i’m stuck on 2, it can’t install the driver into the mac, trying to get my linux updated. soo annoying.

  • ashley

    can I just pay some one to do this for me please

  • Ganesh Babu

    Thanks a lot for all these information.. i got my touchpad up and running in Android kitkat.. it is just awesome.. Thanks for all your work..

  • FinzLeft

    Wahoo, worked perfectly. I Bricked my last install doing an upgrade, i now have my tablet back and beside the Novacom drives not installing everything else was simple… thanks!!!!

  • Edward Staniszewski

    why the hell would i want to erase Web OS??? Isnt having both systems to boot from the best? I have some good games that cannot be played with android!! Not a good idea to me!

  • Alex Vorobiev

    I am at my wits end trying to install Novacom drivers.

    Here is what I did:

    – both on OS X Yosemite and on Win7 64 running in a VirtualBox VM
    – downloaded and installed latest JDK 8
    – OS-specific Novacom drivers appear to no longer be available: I navigate to, where a Mac package points to but goes to which is blank
    – so, I downloaded the Universal Novacom Installer 1.3
    – on both OS X and Win7, I get the same error when attempting to install nova com driver: “error: driver installation failed”. It looks like it’s failing when trying to download Novacom drivers. See screenshots:

    Any suggestions?

    • Alex Vorobiev

      Solved. Someone on the XDA Forums suggested I hit up the wayback machine.

      Since most of the information I have found is dated, for those interested here is what I did to get Android going on my Touchpad:

      overall, followed instructions here

      (1) first, installed JDK 8

      (2) installed Novacom drivers: these are no longer avail where specified (and the universal installer kept failing, instead downloaded drivers for OS X from the waybackmachine:

      (3) installed Touchpad Toolbox

      this build is out of date:

      but this is the updated one – 0.41:

      (4) per instructions in (3), downloaded custom built recovery tool (philz)

      (5) downloaded ROM (in my case PACMAN ROM) and GApps

      (6) shutdown touchpad

      rebooted into recovery mode by holding power and volume up (until saw USB symbol)

      connected to MacBook Pro using a USB cable

      fired up tptoolbox shell script

      reset data

      install android -> this mounts a touchpad directory on my mac under /Volumes

      copied 3 files (ROM, philz recovery, and gapps) to tpinstall folder

      then unmounted on touchpad and it started installing

      after reboot, it did take a while (1-2 minutes) while the pacman intro was playing, but just hang tight and install will continue

  • Blob

    I have fallen at the first hurdle!! trying to install Navacom. I get – Error: Driver Install Failed, Java is uptodate, I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium. Is there anything I’m missing?

    • Blob

      Thanks to Zeus, I was able to find the novacom here:

      • Samar Gaber

        same story even can’t fix it :(
        anyhelp ?

  • MariaWest66


  • Sasha Zvyagin

    Hi! I can’t install Novacom.. I didn’t see any installation files of any sort whatsoever. I used WinRAR to open the .jar file… Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Alex Vorobiev

      Sasha – see my post below from 7 days ago. Your mileage may vary, but I was able to find the right packages and get Android installed on my 32gb wi-fi touchpad.

      • Sasha Zvyagin

        Thanks, Alex! I’ll see if I can get my HP tablet to switch to the Android religion using your steps. ))

      • Sasha Zvyagin

        One more dumb question – do I un-archive the ROM, Recovery and GApps files before copying them to the tablet (before unmounting the tablet in TP) or do I un-archive them and then copy the contents of all three into “ttinstall”? Thanks!

      • Alex Vorobiev

        Nope, no need to unarchive. The 0.41 Touchpad Toolbox looks for specific (types of) files, see JCSullins post that goes with the 0.41 announcement – follow the link I posted in my step-by-step a few days back.

      • Sasha Zvyagin

        Awesome! Installed and working so far!

  • Samar Gaber

    On My Way to cry i can’t do it
    i did all steps but it’s stopped even novacom not accept to install :(
    and helps please ?

  • Sasha Zvyagin

    Now, a day later, my tablet just went black. The home button lights up, but it doesn’t reboot or reset or anything.
    I’m super pissed. Its battery should be fine, I use the factory charger.

    • Alex Vorobiev

      sorry to hear that. mine is still going strong. sounds like you might have a hardware issue.

      • Sasha Zvyagin

        I’ve been reading that it’s a TouchPad thing… No wonder HP stopped selling them.

      • Alex Vorobiev

        that sucks. mine’s been sitting on the shelf for a while and i’ve nearly written it off. stoked that i was able to get it to work with android.. but if it croaks, the new android tablets are cheap enough – i won’t lose a ton of sleep.

      • Sasha Zvyagin

        True… Just that it sucks – I got the tablet from my Dad, it worked fine on his end… What if I were to just delete everything on the tablet HD from the PC? Like format the whole thing, would I be able to re-install Android again? What would I need?

      • Alex Vorobiev

        if the hardware is still in good shape and you can boot to recovery mode, in theory you should be able to go through the same exercise as before and reinstall everything

      • Sasha Zvyagin

        I FIGURED OUT!

        In order to hard reboot the tablet, I held the Home and the Power button down for about 15 seconds or so, until the HP logo popped up. Then i choose the Cyanogenmod (sp?) and it booted up from there

  • Devon LaForce

    This has helped me out a lot. I got the proper files to get mine to finally work. I was so happy to see it boot up cynogenmod

  • Daench

    I wiped the WebOS using tptoolbox and installed the cm11. It was working like a charm and for the first time my webcam and microphone were working in android. But then few days ago I accidently left the TP on over night and the battery completely drained and no amount of charging (tried even 3 days) is doing anything.. I have seen this issue before but earlier was able to revive it using different techniques.. none of them working now..
    Can you please help me with this?

  • Jasper Ball-Baggins

    For people with Novacom problems where Novacom won’t launch.

    Do the following (for Windows 7 users):

    Go to the following folder – C>Windows>System32>Drivers>etc

    In the etc folder look for the hosts file and open it with Notepad. Copy and paste the following information in the hosts file at the end of the document and save it.
    Then try and launch Novacom again. It worked for me.

    • gxs11

      This worked for me, too! I had to change security to permit me to modify the hosts file, but, since it had nothing else in it which wasn’t commented out, what’s to worry? Windows 7 Professional.

  • Bulletsdown

    I have a brand new HP touchpad with HP WEB OS that I am trying to upgrade to Android. For whatever reason, none of these videos/instructions work for me. I have no clue wtf I’m doing wrong. Is there anyone that can’t put together a simple to read, step by step video or site which is easy to follow for idiots like myself? Something that doesn’t provide 10 different options or files to choose from? I’m so frustrated! Thanks for listening to me vent.

  • bleviton

    Went through this a few days ago and it all worked fine. The ROM I installed was Reinstalled my apps etc. Now I would like to install a different ROM, (because reportedly it supports Netflix).

    Do I need to repeat the whole process above, or should I “just flash it (the new ROM) with CWM” (reference found in a thread in one of the forums)? If the latter is recommended, could someone please provide some simple step by step instructions like the excellent ones above (remember, we are not all as deep into this as you experts are, that doesn’t make us unworthy of help, does it?)?

    Thanks – BL

  • Brett Grayson

    CAN’T CONNECT with TPToolbox:

    Setting Palm path …
    Checking novacom service …
    49957 0571341ae42eeb81fcab11ec55ac77c0b24f475b usb topaz-linux 697b59cc17
    Loading TPToolbox …
    login using a password required
    Cannot connect to Touchpad.
    Make sure Touchpad is connected with USB cable.
    Make sure Touchpad is in webOS Recovery (bootie) mode
    (where big USB symbol shows on Touchpad screen)
    Press any key to continue . . .

  • JH

    I am stuck on #6, it says loading toolbox and the logo pops up but nothing happens. HELP!

  • Ian

    I got so frustrated last night because the tpt batch file didn’t work. so i power down my laptop, then just this morning i tried to run the batch file again and it works! I finish the remaining steps and now my touchpad is running in android kitkat. Probably the laptop needs a reboot after installing the novacom driver. I even lower down the compatibility of the .bat file to windows xp sp2.

  • needhelpforreal

    can some one comment and post link for rom and recovery file that works please im having trouble.

    • Sir Gregory Tufton Balls

      You MIGHT be having trouble because your recovery file and the version of touchpad toolbox you are using are incompatible. It took me a lot of searching online to figure this out. I thought I was screwed when I kept getting that error message. I tried a BUNCH of different recovery files. Here’s a suggestion – if you are using toolbox 4.0 try using an older Recovery file – pre April 2014 or so. If using Toolbox 4.1 try using a more recent recovery file. Just look at the file and the date that’s in the name. The date part of the file is obvious and will like 20140214 (that’s February 2, 2014). I tried a bunch of different recovery files until a file from June 2014 did the trick. This file name is listed below.

      It was a bit of trial and error, but following the video and having the right files should allow you to have a bright and shiny 11.1 touchpad. I’m a noob but was able to do it. Just don’t freak out. The good news is if you fail you can try and try again. :)

      The combination of files that worked for me and have me up and running on my touchpad using 11.1 are:


      it’s that third file – the TWRP file – that finally worked for me and made the scary error message go away. I was using toolbox 4.1

      You can probably Google those three files and get a hit for each one. I’d give you direct links if I still had them.

  • Carlos Ortiz

    doesn’t get any easier with these instructions…Thank you thank you

  • bonv

    ok, my dumbass deleted all the files on the touchpad! Can someone please help me restore it to use it for something besides a paperweight?

  • vader

    hi I’m stuck on number 2 I was wondering if you would help me out,novacom won’t install

  • Robbie Haze

    i wiped webos using touchpad toolbox and couldnt get android installed correctly and accidentally pulled the usb cable out and the battery died. it wont turn on now so i can go into toolbox again. how do i fix this?

  • Trevor

    I had the hardest time finding the right files and updating from CM11 to CM12… Here is what I found…

    Must use TP Toolbox v42 to install the latest CM12…

    I was using TP Toolbox v40 from CM11 and receiving the Unsupported Recovery format error. Downloaded v42 and worked like a charm. This may be related to the ROM error as well but I am not sure… YOu can always try another ROM if it specifically says ROM error but I would start with updating your TPTB!!!

    Resource for downloading above files:



  • Cirkil -The Designer

    IM Stuck on my Gapps and rom files it says they r incompatible versions can some one tell me where to download these