Ouya All-Access Pass: Play most games for $60 per year

Ouya has announced a new limited-time promotion that lets customers play most games in the Ouya store for one annual fee. Pony up $60 per year for a subscription and you unlock the ability to bypass any one-time purchases worth $30 or less, including full games or level add-on packs.

What you don’t get are some in-app purchases which can include things like extra lives.

Still, the new Ouya All -Access Pass could make Ouya’s tiny, inexpensive video game console a bit more valuable for some folks.



A year after the $100 microconsole first hit the streets, there are over 800 games available from the Ouya Store. Many offer free trials of some sort, but if you’ve wanted full access to premium games, up until now you’ve had to pay for them individually.

Ouya’s new Netflix-style All-Access Pass is launching as a pilot program the company is testing. It makes sense as a way for Ouya to encourage customers to try more games, which could help give gamers a reason to use the console and also help keep developers happy (especially since they probably get a portion of any revenues generated).

Theoretically the All-Access Pass is about the same price as a single brand new, top-tier game for a PlayStation or Xbox console. In practice, the Ouya has an Android-based operating system and the specs of a 2012-era tablet… so it’s not like anybody would normally pay $60 for an Ouya game.

But add up a few of the better games in the Ouya Store, and it’d be pretty easy to justify the cost of a subscription… if you haven’t already paid for those games.

via Ars Technica

  • Michael Thompson

    Loved my Ouya and still do… At close range.
    Living room distances are a sure bet for controller lag, even with the latest controller firmware.

  • captain irrelevant

    I want a Ouya with a Tegra K1.

    • anonymous

      I would bet a substantial amount of money on this not ever happening. But wouldn’t you rather have a Tegra K1-based console from an entity who are actually competent instead? I know I would. Because of my experience with their hardware there’s no way I’m giving Ouya any more money, whether or not a Ouya 2 is ever released.

      • captain irrelevant

        Edited to “console”, but yeah, totally agree with you.

    • Matthew

      Sounds like there should be many an Android TV device for you in the coming year.

  • Mark

    What games does the Ouya have that aren’t available to other Android devices?

    • Matthew

      TowerFall. I’ve also seen instances of games like Final Fantasy 3 having controller support on Ouya but not in the Play store.

      • anonymous

        The PS4 also has TowerFall. Not an Android device though.

  • Tsais

    Uhh “play most games for $60 a year”…

    but they’re Android games !?!

    I’ve never seen an Android game I wanted to play longer than 15 minutes total. They just can’t compete with PC games at all…