Now you can watch Google Play videos offline on a Chromebook or Chromebox

Have a slow or spotty internet connection or plans to take a trip on an airplane where you might not be able to stream videos over the internet? As promised, Google is now letting you save videos from Google Play Movies & TV for offline playback.

You’ll need a Chrome OS device and a Chrome extension to get offline support.

offline movies for chrome os_01

Offline video playback works with movies or TV shows, and it works with content you’ve purchased or rented.

The Chrome extension also adds support for Info cards with details about actors or other information from videos you’re watching, as well as improved support for Chromecast, allowing you to send videos from your Chromebook to your Chromecast-connected TV with the tap of a button.

Unfortunately there’s nothing the extension can do to give you more local storage. Most Chrome OS devices have just 16GB to 32GB of built-in storage, which is enough to hold a few movies, but not your entire collection (unless your entire collection is just a few movies).

via GigaOm

  • Michael Thompson

    Nice of them to let you to use content that you’ve paid for how you like. :/