Google’s office suite for mobile gets Slides, native editing

Google is fleshing out its suite of office apps for mobile devices with the launch of a Slides app for presentation which joins the company’s Docs and Sheets apps.

All three apps feature QuickOffice technology for native editing, which means you don’t need an internet connection to create or edit documents anymore… although when you are online, your documents will be saved to the cloud and accessible on any device with a web browser.

google slides

Slides will be available for Android today and it’s coming soon to iOS… where it will compete with Microsoft Office and Apple’s own iWorks office applications.

Google’s document, spreadsheet, and presentation apps are all free, and they’re all capable of opening, creating, and editing Microsoft Office compatible applications… no Office 365 subscription required.

Google is also launching Drive for Work, a version of its Google Drive cloud storage platform aimed at enterprise users. For $10 per month per users, subscribers get unlimited storage, support for encrypted file transfers, and enhanced administrative features.

via The Verge


  • John Moosmiller

    Drive for work is amazing to see. If they combined it with a good online code editor (multi-language support) it could be incredible.

  • leisin

    So does encrypted in transit & on the server mean that even Google themselves can’t open/index it? Otherwise I can’t see any corporation really caring to use it. I wonder how law enforcement will feel about this?