Garmin Viago brings navigation to iPhone, Android for $1(ish)

Garmin is one of the biggest names in GPS navigation… but now that many smartphones include free navigation from Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Nokia HERE, it’s hard to justify paying for a dedicated GPS device.

So Garmin also offers mobile apps for smartphone users… but some of those apps can be rather expensive.

Now Garmin is offering a more affordable option called Viago. It brings maps and navigation features to Android and iPhone users for just $1 (although the price will double on July 13th). But if you want to unlock all of Viago’s features you’ll need to pony up a few more bucks for in-app purchases.

garmin viago

Garmin Viago offers free maps and a few features that you might not get from some free alternatives including lane assist and weather information.

If you want extra features like downloadable maps, real-time traffic and automatic rerouting, 3D terrain views, directions with spoken street names, and the ability to match your speed against current speed limits, you’ll have to make in-apps purchases. Add up all those options and this $1 app will end up costing you closer to $20.

That’s still a lot cheaper than a dedicated GPS unit… but more expensive than Google Maps or Apple Maps, which are both available for free.

  • Michael Thompson

    A little of something goes a lot father than a lot of nothing, GPS manufacturers.

  • I Said It

    Seems useful for iPhone users.

    • BigGoofyGuy

      I believe it indicates there is an Android version.

      • Paul

        It seems to be about the running joke of how bad Apple’s navigation app is.

      • Thomas Lee Mullins

        I read about those. :)

  • BigGoofyGuy

    I will be checking it out (the Android version). It seems reasonably priced when comparing to a stand alone GPS. It is nice not having to pay for features one might not use or need.

  • Paul

    I really like having map data stored locally. How much space do they take for this app? My main issue with the Google Navigation app is that it doesn’t store map data but only temporarily caches it. Caching your current route and selecting rectangular areas to cache isn’t good enough for me. I’d like to at least permanently store some road data locally. I read about better offline mode last month but I haven’t needed navigation assistance recently yet so I don’t know how much better it is.

    I’ve ran into problems where I didn’t have any data reception but the GPS signal was fine. I didn’t pre-cache the area I was in so the navigation app wasn’t useful when I started it up. Good thing the old way of using paper maps and just plain asking the few gas stations I saw worked out fine.