Firefox Nightly for Android now casts videos to Roku

Want to stream videos from your Android phone to a Roku? All you need is the latest nightly build of the Firefox web browser for Android.

Mozilla is now testing a Roku casting feature in the pre-release version of its mobile web browser.

firefox roku

To use the new streaming feature you’ll need to install a Roku app called Firefox for Roku Nightly and then you’ll need to install a Firefox Nightly build on your phone.

When you encounter a website with an embedded HTML5 video encoded in H.264, Firefox should detect the video and detect the Roku on your WiFi network and bring up a media control bar with play and cast buttons.

Hit the cast button (which looks just like the button you’d use to send video to a Chromecast) and the  video should start playing on the Roku. You can then pause, play, or close the video from your phone. The video bar will be visible as long as you’re using the Firefox browser, even if you open a new website or switch browser tabs.

Eventually Mozilla may add support for streaming videos to Chromecast as well support for additional video formats. For now this experimental feature only supports Roku and H.264 videos.

In the meantime if you’ve got a Chromecast, you can always just use Google’s Chrome web browser to stream videos embedded in websites to your TV.

via Mark Finkle

  • Vishnu Sarda

    I recently learned chrome for android added that feature for chromecast…. very very useful feature. You just need to go fullscreen on video and it will show cast icon on left hand upper corner.

    • tk76

      Yeah, been real happy with the android chrome to chromecast casting. I rarely need to use VGET anymore, although I still use the desktop version to cast embedded vids.