Apple unveils iCloud Drive online file storage service

Apple is unveiling OS X 10.10 Yosemite, featuring a refined user interface, updates apps, and more. One of the most wide-reaching changes is support for a new way to use Apple’s iCloud online storage system: iCloud Drive.

Apple iCloud Drive is basically Apple’s answer to Dropbox or Google Drive, giving you a way to store any files online and access those files across all of your devices.

Apple iCloud Drive

When I say “all” your devices, I don’t mean your Android phone or tablet. But iCloud Drive supports OS X, iOS, and Windows… so if you’re a PC user with an iPhone, you can use the service to upload files from your PC and access them on your phone, or vice versa.

While the iCloud service already allowed you to backup and sync select content, iCloud Drive lets you save any type of file to the cloud and organize your content by folders and tags.

Apps can access your stored files so that you could, for example, create a document on one device and continue editing it on another.

Apple’s AirDrop service also now lets you share content wirelessly between an iOS and OS X device.