Lilbits (5-13-2014): Asus Padfone X inches closer to launch

The Asus Padfone X is a 5 inch smartphone that comes with a 9 inch tablet dock, letting you turn your phone into a tablet simply by sliding it into a dock. The phone is the brains of the operation, which means you don’t need to sync your data (it’s all on your phone), or install apps twice. And you don’t need to pay for a tethering plan, since the tablet doesn’t connect to the internet at all… only your phone does.

AT&T’s been promising to bring the Padfone X to market in the United States since January, but the company has yet to announce a price or launch date.

As the phone marches towards release it passed through the FCC in March. Now it’s gained certification from the WiFi alliance as well. Maybe one day you’ll even be able to buy this phone/tablet hybrid.

asus padfone x

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  • gpct1

    I think I’ve officially given up on this thing. I think it’s a great idea; I’m just tired of waiting for it.

  • Joe

    Anyone working on a phone that has notebook and desktop docks where the docked OS is a full desktop Linux OS?

    • Joe

      I mean products that have actually been announced. I’m not really interested in making my phone into a tablet but making it into a full notebook and desktop with a desktop OS would be great.

      • bbkm

        It’s funny that there was an Asian released XPPhone as well as a followup Windows7 based full desktop phone sized device but it seems NO ONE has come out with a Win 8 smartphone sized device and optimized UI.

        ESPECIALLY considering all the engineering and new product releases. The x86 processors and platforms to run full Win8 do exist, but no one has bothered putting Win8 on it.

        As for Linux, it seems the only hope is Ubuntu Touch but progress is slooooooooow. Honestly wonder why no one is promoting/shipping commercial grade phone + dock w/ desktop OS. I think the market would be huge, and I been waiting years already.