Skype group video calling is now free for all users

Skype has offered a group video calling feature for a few years, but up until recently if you wanted to chat with multiple people face-to-face over the internet using Skype, at least one member of the group needed a Skype Premium account.

Now Skype is making group video calls free for all users… on supported platforms.

skype group video

If you’re using Skype on a Windows, Mac, or Xbox One system you can now start a group video call for free. Eventually the plan is to offer free group video calls on “more platforms” which could include mobile devices. But right now you’ll need to use a supported system.

Skype’s group video calls let you talk to up to 10 users at once.. which it’s probably worth noting, is also how many people you can add to a Google Hangouts group video call.

Google’s Hangouts have been free to use since the company launched the group video calling service a few years ago. So it’s probably not a huge surprise that Microsoft-owned Skype has decided to remove the paywall for Skype group video calls. .

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