Lilbits (4-22-2014): Use Amazon’s smartphone by tilting?

You’d think the key difference between Amazon’s upcoming (and as-yet, officially unannounced) smartphone and other Android devices would be tight integration with Amazon’s app, music, book, and video stores. And you’d probably be right for thinking that — but with hundreds of other options available for smartphone shoppers, it looks like Amazon may be trying to find other ways to make its device stand out.

The latest leak comes from BGR, the same source that gave us a first look at a prototype of Amazon’s smartphone. Not only will the phone have multiple motion-sensing cameras on the front to track your eye movement and adjust a 3D display, but it turns out the phone will also support tilt-based gestures.

For instance, you could tilt in Amazon video app to view IMDB ratings, or tilt in the email or calendar apps to reveal information that would otherwise be hidden. Tilting in a weather app could display an extended forecast. This is supposed make it easier to use the 4.7 inch phone with one hand. I wonder how often it’ll instead result in your phone showing you information you didn’t ask for because you accidentally shook your hand a bit.

amazon smartphone bgr

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  • Michael Thompson

    If your name is Don and you are writing any apps having to do with windmills this could be the moment you’ve been waiting for:
    The moment no one laughs when you tilt at windmills.
    I’ll be here all weekend folks
    Try the fish