Amazon is buying digital comic service comiXology

Amazon is buying one of the biggest players in the digital comic book space. ComiXology is joining the Amazon family.

While Amazon already offers its own digital comic books to Kindle customers, comiXology has been around since 2007 and changed the way many people read comic books. If the deal goes through in the second quarter of 2014 as expected, it means Amazon will be owner of the company that powers digital comic book apps for Marvel, DC, and other big names in the comic book and graphic novel industry.


We’d first heard rumors of a potential acquisition in late March. Now Amazon and comiXology have made it official.

ComiXology provides a storefront for buying comics and graphic novels which you can read using the company’s apps for Android, iOS, Windows 8, and the Amazon Kindle Fire line of products. It’s not yet clear if Amazon plans to continue offering comiXology as a standalone app and service or if it will be incorporated into the Kindle Store.

  • sofakingjewish

    This actually makes some sense … although still not cool with big company buyout vibe. That shit is trending on Obnoxious.

  • Me

    Do they have Japanese comics?