Pocket for Android Wear will let you save articles from your wrist

Pocket is a read-it-later service that lets you save articles, videos, or other content from your web browser, smartphone, or tablet so you can go back and read or watch when you have more time. Now Pocket is taking aim at smartwatches.

The company is showing off a prototype of its upcoming tools which will work with Google’s Android Wear platform to let you save content to Pocket from a smartwatch like the Moto 360 or LG G Watch.

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Android Wear is basically designed to display notifications from your phone on your wrist. But you can interact with those notifications in a variety of ways.

Right now you can swipe to dismiss an app — but you can also reply to messages or perform other features depending on the app you’re using.

What Pocket wants to offer is a “add to Pocket” feature so that when you get a notification on your Android Wear watch you can swipe to bring up actions and then choose the add to Pocket option. That way you don’t need to read a news article a few lines at a time on your watch. Instead you can fire up the Pocket app on your phone or PC later and read the whole article.

Pocket describes the feature as a work in progress… which makes sense since there are no Android Wear watches on the market yet and Google has only released a preview of the software developer kit.

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  • Michael Thompson

    You could also just read them when you have more time.