Microsoft: $100 off a new PC when you upgrade from Windows XP

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP and the company’s been strongly encouraging folks to upgrade to a version of Windows that’s not more than a decade old.

The latest tool in Microsoft’s arsenal? If you buy select new PCs from the Microsoft Store and trade in your old Windows XP machine, Microsoft will shave $100 from the price of your new system.

winxp ends

Qualifying new systems have price tags of $599 or higher and include the Lenovo THinkPad S1 Yoga 2-in-1 and the HP Envy TouchSmart 15 touchscreen laptop.

Microsoft says limited quantities are available. The promotion runs through June 15th, 2014… but if the company runs out of qualifying systems the sale will end early. Microsoft is also only offering the discount on on device per customer.

The offer is good in select Microsoft Store retail locations in the US and Canada as well as as the Microsoft Store website.

via ZDNet

  • wjrn

    I’d get in on this if the ASUS Vivotab Note 8 or Dell Venue 8 Pro were part of the promotion.

    • crashsuit

      Ditto. The NUC would be nice, too. I’ve got an old net-top that could use upgrading.

      • buzz86us

        same here I’d be all over this if the Vivotab or even a refurb Surface Pro was offered.

  • epinoa

    Not going to happen Microsoft.

  • Michael Thompson

    Not even close, MS.

  • Cal Rankin

    I wish they would apply this to a Windows 8 license. I’ve got a Windows XP desktop that I acquired from a family member that is more than capable of running Windows 8.1 (but I’d probably upgrade the RAM for better performance).

    • JD

      Yeah, if they gave you 50% off the cost of Windows 8, then I might be interested.

      • Cal Rankin

        I do understand that most people who would be upgrading from Windows XP don’t have sufficient hardware to run it. However, those that do may not want or need new hardware.

  • David S.

    so, I can pull a half-dead Windows XP machine out of my trashcan, walk down to a Microsoft store and get an $100 discount? neat.

  • ne-yo-gabba-gabba-hey

    i ended up buying a refurbished desktop with an oem win7 for less than a standalone license!