Lilbits (3-25-2014): NVIDIA Erista mobile chip coming in 2015

NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor is just starting to hit the streets, but the chip maker is already looking ahead to next year. That’s when NVIDIA’s next-gen mobile chip will launch.

It’s code-named “Erista,” it features NVIDIA’s Maxwell graphics technology, and that’s… about all we know at the moment.

nvidia erista

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  • JackFrost

    2014 or 2015?

    • Brad Linder

      Whoops… that should have been 2015. Thanks!

  • Tux

    Mmmh, quite strange. According to Nvidia’s last year’s roadmap, this slot should have been filled by “Parker” (Project Denver/T50), which now suddenly seems to have disappeared into thin air.For GPUs the story is similar. 2016 “Volta” and “Einstein” disappeared without a peep, while now suddenly Pascal takes the place.

    More details here:

    I am wondering what kind of deception they are cooking up this time.