Lilbits (3-13-2014): Chromecast goes international (soon)

Google has promised that the Chromecast would be available in more countries within weeks… and it looks like one of those countries will be the UK.

An employee at UK retailer Currys/PCWorld posted a photo on Twitter showing a box of Chromecast media streaming devices that showed up at his store in advance of the official launch.

Chromecast in UK


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  • Mobile_Dom

    did the guy happen to give a price, because im pretty dang close to dropping the £50 on a Roku stick

    • Keith

      Indeed, I don’t understand the breathless coverage of such a limited and user-hostile device. The Chromecast seems toylike and unfinished, in much the same vein as Raspberry Pi. Did we see the same thing as Roku products were introduced in the UK and elsewhere? I’d love to see real compeition to Roku, but so far it just hasn’t happened.

      • Mobile_Dom

        i really like the Chromecast, if its price appropriately i have no qualms buying it, but if its too close to the Roku stick ,which does more, i see no reason not to buy the Roku.

        P.S my RasPi is my XBMC media centre downstairs used every day 😛