Lilbits (3-07-2014): Download music on your Tizen smartwatch?

Wondering if there will be any decent third-party apps for upcoming devices running Tizen software? Samsung’s new smartwatches run Tizen, and eventually we could see Tizen phones and watches… and you’ll be able to buy music on any of them.

7digital has announced it’s bringing its digital music store with 25 million tracks to Tizen phones, tablets, and wearables.

7digital logo

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  • Tsais

    Even though Intel, Samsung etc are behind Tizen, it is linux, so a phone running Tizen should offer a higher chance of being able to boot other versions of linux…

  • Rabidmob

    The only way I could support something like this is if it were more open or created more freedom for the user. Otherwise, it’s just another walled garden, so why care?