Deals of the Day (3-26-2014)

Now that Samsung has unveiled its second-generation smartwatches with starting prices of $200, the original Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch’s $250 price tag was starting to look a bit silly.

Fortunately there are plenty of stores selling last year’s model at a deep discount. Best Buy has the best deal I’ve seen so far, with refurbished Galaxy Gear watches selling for $100.

Don’t like the Android software that comes with the watch? No problem. You can root it and install custom (and customizable) software.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Here are some of the day’s best deals.

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  • Sam

    Joining the race to the bottom in phone plan pricing is
    Ciao Mobile,, yet another
    Sprint MVNO (infrastructureless carrier, relying on
    Sprint’s network), promising the ff coming soon:

    Unlimited 4G LTE Data
    Unlimited Domestic Calls
    Unlimited Text Messaging
    No Monthly Contract

    for $10/monrh, in exchange for watching ads on
    your phone’s lock screen. The phone offered, is
    likely an HTC EVO Desire 4G, at $199.