ViewSonic ViewPad 10i Bay Trail tablet runs Windows and Android

ViewSonic has quietly launched a new 10 inch tablet with an Intel Celeron N2910 Bay Trail processor, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and dual operating systems. The new ViewSonic Viewpad 10i runs both Windows 8 and Google Android 4.2.

The tablet’s available from AliExpress for about $500 and up.

viewsonic viewpad 10i

This isn’t the first dual OS tablet from ViewSonic. The company launched the ViewPad 10Pro with Windows 7/Android 2.3 in 2011. But the new ViewSonic ViewPad 10i has a faster processor, newer software, and a lower price tag.

ViewSonic’s tablt has a 10 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel display, a 7000mAh battery for up to 6 hours of run time. It has HDMI and USB ports, a microSD card slot, and 2MP cameras on the front and back. It supports 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

While there are cheaper Windows 8 tablets on the market, there aren’t a lot of other options available for folks who want a model with a Celeron N2910 CPU and dual operating systems. Indian company Micromax does plan to launch a similar model this summer… at a similar price.

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  • romanovskis

    While 2GB of RAM is plenty for Android, I wouldn’t buy Windows machine with less than 8GB. Guess just have to wait couple of years

    • Miskkie

      You really don’t need 8GB with a tablet that has bay trail. 4GB would be nice but really these devices aren’t desktops and actually utilizing that ammount of memory isn’t what 99.9% of people would ever do.

  • CampGareth

    *vomits* that DPI, android can scale and W8 can scale so fit a higher resolution panel please :(

    • robbinwhitford10k

      The new Ramos i10 Pro 10-inch Android-WIndows Dual Boot tablet also launches next month for $399 and is available in the U.S. at — TabletMaxx

      The Ramos i10 is powered by Intel’s Baytrail processor and features an HD 1920×1200 display, along with a powerful 10,000 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS – worth checking out.

      • buzz86us

        ugh that’d be so tempting if I didn’t need a digitizer…

      • Sam

        Maybe Samsung is hearing your prayers as we speak and will respond soon.
        They have this habit of throwing stuff out there to see what sticks.
        Your dream device is their next step in their plan for eventual
        world domination :-), that is, if Kim Jong-Un and the North Koreans
        don’t stop them.

      • buzz86us

        Androidx86 runs great on the Surface Pro for $500 but i am waiting to see what MWC brings this month hoping for Lenovo to announce the Thinkpad tablet 3 or something.


    I think there is no office. The best benefit of atom bay trail is micro office. So this product doesnt have any merit.

    • Vladimir Jicha

      You can install LibreOffice for free if it has Windows 8.

  • Michael Thompson

    Too many things to dislike with this one.It makes the Dell Venue 11 look better to me though.

  • Cal Rankin

    At least this is better than the last tablet like this that Viewsonic made. That one ran Windows 7 and Android 1.6 (maybe it got updated to 2.2. Can’t remember)