HP Chromebox coming this spring

HP will launch its first Chromebox this spring. The HP Chromebox is a small form factor desktop computer designed to run Chrome OS. Among other applications, HP and Google say it’ll work in enterprise settings with the new Google for meetings video conferencing system.

hp chromebox

The HP Chromebox features HDMI and DisplayPort (supporting up to two displays at once), WiFi and Bluetooth, and 4 USB 3.0 ports. It’ll feature an Intel Haswell processor, with the high-end Chromebox for meetings model sporting a Core i7 chip.

HP plans to offer models in four colors including silver, turquoise, black, and white and each model will work with a standard VESA mount if you want to attach the little computer to the back of a display.

With the introduction of its first Chrome desktops, HP joins Asus and Samsung in the Chromebox space. Dell is also expected to launch a Chromebox in the coming months.

HP hasn’t yet revealed the price for its new Chrome desktops, but the company already sells Chromebook laptops with 11.6 inch to 14 inch displays and Google’s browser-based operating system for $280 and up.

  • stingyTV

    Nice! Wonder how these will compare with Asus’s Chromebox offering. These will work great with http://www.stingytv.com and an HDTV for all your cord cutting needs!

    • cree

      Thanks. I’ll be sure to no use sTV. Spammer.

      • stingyTV

        Single tear :'(

  • Jason

    As long as they have the ability to enable a “legacy BIOS” so I can install other Linux distros with unmodified ISOs then I’ll buy a few of these or the ASUS one (whichever is cheaper and has the legacy BIOS option).

    • cree

      They better not disable the legacy BIOS option on these.

      • anders

        I hope so too. I wonder if the vinyl stickers would stick on this thing, That Chrome logo ruins the look. Then again, I need to find stickers that also won’t make it look just as bad.

  • Great Wall

    No real spec, no price… does anyone really give a rat’s arse at this point? (Apart from HP which is getting a free advert presumably…)

    • BoloMKXXVIII

      Don’t you think it is nice to know that HP is going to make one of these too? Brad ferrets out all this news so we don’t have to hunt all over the web to see what is going on. I think he does a great job. I am sure as soon as more specs are available we will read about it here.

      • Great Wall

        Nope – when HP release products it gets plastered all over without Brad’s help thanks to copious PR budgets etc. Much more interested in the rogue Chinese products (like the Chromecast knockoff he posted about today). Then again I’m not in the US & likely not target audience…