Google launches Chromebox for meetings: A $999 video conferencing system

Google is launching a new video conferencing solution based on Chrome OS, Google+ Hangouts and Google Apps. It’s called Chromebox for meetings, and it’s a $999 package that companies can purchase to outfit a meeting room with video conferencing hardware or software at a fraction of the cost of some competing packages.

The kit currently includes an Asus Chromebox with an Intel Core i7 processor, an HD camera, mics speakers, and a remote control. Dell and HP plan to offer Chromeboxes that will support the platform in the next few months.

Chromebox for meetings

Google is positioning Chromebox for meetings as an affordable, simple alternative to high-priced video conferencing solutions. You could probably go even cheaper and just set something up on your own using Google’s free services.

For instance, Chromebox for meetings uses Google Calendar to schedule meetings and Google Hangouts for video chat. But you do get a bit extra if you pay for the full package, including video conferencing software that’s designed to work with Chrome OS and support for up to 15 participants in a Hangout (normal Hangouts top out at 10 users).

Meeting participants don’t need a Chromebox. They can use Vidyo to join a meeting using other video conferencing platforms, or UberConference to call in from a phone.