EZChrome EZCast is a Google Chromecast knockoff with Miracast support

Google’s Chromecast is a $35 stick that you can plug into the HDMI port on your TV to stream internet video to your television while using your phone, tablet, or PC as a remote control. The EZChrome EZCast is a $27 device that does the same thing… kind of.

It looks almost exactly like a Chromecast and plug into your TV the same way. But it uses Miracast and EZCast technology to stream content rather than the Google Cast protocol. In some ways that makes it more versatile… but it’s also a bit clunkier.


Users can run EZCast software on an Android phone or tablet or a Windows PC. This lets them choose photos, videos, music, or other content on their device that they want to fling to a TV. But it’s not quite as simple as tapping the Chromecast icon that appears automatically in supported app when you’re using Google’s media streamer.

Since EZCast does support Miracast, you should be able to use the EZChrome to turn your TV into an external display for your phone, tablet or PC. You could mirror your phone’s screen, for instance, or use your TV as an extended desktop display for your Windows PC.

The EZChrome is hardly the first device of its type. I recently tested the Tronsmart T1000, which works pretty much the same way. But the EZChrome is a bit more blatantly a Chromecast knockoff — albeit one that needs a special USB cable with a WiFi antenna to connect to your network.

While I’m all for companies offering low-cost alternatives to products that might otherwise be out of reach (there’s no shortage of iPad knockoffs, for instance), the Google Chromecast is so inexpensive that I kind of have to wonder why anyone would try to save a few bucks by picking up a clone instead. On the other hand, Chromecast doesn’t currently support true screen mirroring the way a device like the EZCast does — so maybe some people will be drawn to this type of device for the features rather than the price.


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  • nate

    I just ordered one for testing. If you pay with MC you can get $5 off making it only $21. Seems like a great deal to me.

  • tk76

    What I would like is an inexpensive dongle that:
    1. Is Miracast capable in a simple fashion so that I can use my TV as a monitor for a Windows 8.1 tablet (Dell Venue?)
    2. Can “cast” compatable video (?running cheapcast?)
    3. Can be used as an Android PC with decent capability (at least Dual Core and decent graphics.)

    Is there currently a good option? Can I get something like an MK808 and install cheapcast and some program that adds Miracast support? or will the EZCast or Tronsmart T1000 run Android in addition to their Miracast capabilities?

    • tk76

      It sounds like EZCast is planning on adding the correct resolution to mirror 1280X800 tablets, so it should work soon with 8″ tablets (if it does not already.) But I do not think you can use EZCast as an android stick, and I don’t think there is an “EZCast” or Miracast android app that allows you to add this functionality to a typical android stick. Is this correct?

      I also remember that the T1000 did not sync well with the Venue Pro when it was tried here, although maybe it has been improved. I would like to stream flash video as cleanly as possible, and that is where WIDI/Miracast is valuable.

      • CyberGusa

        EZCast works for both Android and iOS… as long as the device supports the wireless streaming standards EZCast supports…

        Here’s a CNX-Software article from August about what EZCast offered…


        So this latest product should offer similar support…

      • tk76

        Thanks. What I am looking for is something like the EZCast, but where the device actually runs android apps. If I understand correctly, the EZCast is a receiver for other android, IOS and Windowns devices, but you cannot use it as a stand alone mini PC like other android sticks.

      • CyberGusa

        Yes, though, there are Android sticks that plug directly into the HDMI port if you don’t want streaming capability but to just convert your TV or monitor into a Android system…

      • tk76

        Yes, what I am looking for is a stick that would do both. One that can be sed to run android apps and one of the apps would be a WiDI/Miracast receiver so I can stream my Windows PC through the stick to the TV fir the times when Android app alone won’t serve my purpose (like streaming a site with flash video of Hulu, which android browsers cannot handle.)

      • CyberGusa

        Could always opt for one of the Android version of remote desktop or check out one of the many alternative streaming app options that let you stream from the PC to a Android device…

        Like Cheapcast, for example…


      • hal-9000

        Firefox for android handles it fine. Get Flashfox if you cant figure it out.
        I personally feel flash is being replaced by html5 anyway. Its kind of like asking for silverlight support. There are dongle sticks out there that run a debian linux desktop or android (like Rikomagic), and you could control those from your smartphone.
        The walls and fences that are in your way keep you dependent on gates and windows, the hardware is already there just come outside

        oh and why is there no secure sign in?

    • Michael Visser

      The EZCast requires use of the EZCast app (for Windows/Android/Mac), it is not a Miracast native device as it is sold as, which means you will need to use their app for Windows/Android or DLNA for streaming content. I am returning mine for a solution with native miracast support for use with Windows 8.1 and Wireless Display in Android 4.3.

  • CampGareth

    The external antenna makes this a great deal, I have some cheapo miracast dongle but the range is so pathetic I might as well use my 3 metre HDMI cable, it needs a much better antenna. The better the antenna (and dual stream MIMO wouldn’t hurt too) the more reliably miracast works.

  • Gomike

    EZCast was developed and available before ChromeCast. It’s likely Google copied them and added their own take on casting.

  • MrChris

    FYI, you can cast your whole screen using the chrome browser using the ‘Cast entire screen (experimental)” option. It works well enough for most things.

  • Mr Dude

    Mr Chris yes your right but you still cant mirror your screen from an android phone yet.

  • Someguy

    I would buy this over Chromecast, probably because I could actually buy one and have it shipped to my door in Canada. I would have a Chromecast otherwise.

    • Deepak Gandhi

      How much did you pay for it?

  • name

    I bought this. its laggy as hell. i threw it out

  • Bey Shah

    bougtht one over the qeekend have to admot thought it was Google C’cast but after tricking about with it I have got it working and it at the price €22 it quite a decent piece of kit. Just if it had flash support but that would be too much to ask..

    • mogadorian

      I was mislaid
      wanted to buy chromcast and found out I had ordered this shit!
      In Morocco you have
      http://www.mall.ma where you can order the google authentic Chromecast
      http://www.Hmall.ma where they sell an imitation device of low quality called EZCHROME
      BEWARE !

    • Deepak Gandhi

      And can you check email on it? I would like to be able to watch videos saved on my network drive. Would that be possible.? What other cool applications does it have? I hope you don’t mind sharing with me. I would also like to minimize queen with my iPad 4. Any helpful tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  • alan

    There are no screen settings for ezcast app when using with chromecast (Web). First letters are cut off on t.v. screen. I have to buy a EZ Cast device to fit web on T.V. screen correctly

  • jpfordguy

    After spending a week trying to get that steaming pile called Chromecast working, a knockoff is looking much better. I’ll spend 35 bucks for Chromecast, aniter fifty for a new router, and another twenty for a cable because the Chromecast WiFi radio sucks so bad an average tv interferes with it.

  • Gerry Goldner

    will ezcast app work on a chromebook?


    Maybe the author was paid off by the makers of Chromecast, because EZCast and other miracast products work better. And many people do want to use the screen mirror function.

  • Deepak Gandhi

    I am getting a bit inclined to buy EZcast instead of Google Chrome Cast. So how do you do the actual screen mirroring with EZcats using ipad? Is it possible to view the videos on network drives on same WiFi network. Any help will be apreciated.

  • NZman

    EZCast works really well with my Android phone – Youtube and TED videos are perfect (no lag, great resolution), pics from phone, internet radio, etc., all are perfect. BUT my Win7 desktop and laptop cannot connect at all, and from EZCast Youtube comments other users also have this problem. My Galaxy Ace 3 phone does not have Miracast function so of course the EZCast mirror will not work. I may decide to return this and get Chromecast, but maybe there will be an update that gets EZCast to work with Win7.

  • jim_shipley

    does any of the CASTS WORK WITH CHROMBOOK?