Asus launches official Nexus 7 (2013) docks for wired, wireless charging

Asus manufactures the Nexus 7 (2013) tablet for Google, and now the company is launching two official docks for the 7 inch Android tablet. There’s a $50 charging stand and a Asus PW100 wireless charging stand that sells for $90.

Asus Nexus 7 charging stand

The cheaper model is a stand that lets you position the tablet in landscape mode and slide it into a charging port. The wired dock supports 1080p HD video output thanks to an HDMI port on the back.

The wireless charging stand can hold the tablet in portrait or landscape mode and can charge any phone or tablet that uses the Qi wireless charging standard. There’s also a status LED to let you know when the Asus PW100 is working.

asus pw100

If you’re looking for a wireless charging device, any old Qi wireless charging pad should do the trick — so you can probably get one for a lot less than $90. But if nothing but the official model will do, you can pick up the wireless charging stand from Amazon or ExcaliberPC for $90, or pre-order the Asus wired charging stand from Amazon for $50.

via Android Police and Droid Life

  • Charles222

    So…one supports HDMI and charges via a dock and costs 50 bucks, but the other one is wireless, doesn’t support a larger display, and costs 90 dollars? Okay. :p

  • bbkm

    HDMI dock, I’m so excited! Thought this wasn’t going to happen, great news.

  • Hitesh Kantharia

    Yup… HDMI feature is great.