Wikipad introduces Gamevice detachable controllers for tablets

Apparently not content to just sell a 7 inch Android tablet with detachable game controllers, the folks at WikiPad have decided to branch out and offer a gaming accessory for use with almost a wide range of small tablets

The Wikipad Gamevice is a detachable gamepad that turns ordinary touchscreen tablets into gaming devices… or at least gaming devices with physical buttons. They were already kind of gaming devices.

wikipad gamevice

The Gamevice won’t launch until later this year, and Wikipad hasn’t announced how much it’ll cost yet. What the company has said is that they’re currently working on models that’ll work with Android and Windows 8 tablets, and there could be models for iPads and other tablets eventually as well.

Like the Wikipad 7 tablet, the Gamevice includes analog sticks, D-Pads, shoulder buttons, and A, B, X, and Y buttons, among others.

Windows and Android both support for USB and Bluetooth game controllers these days, and there are a growing number of Android gaming devices that feature gamepads with physical buttons… so hopefully you’ll be able to find some games to use the Gamevice with by the time it launches. The vast majority of Android games are really meant to be used with touchscreen controls at this point.

Wikipad has also announced a software updated for the Wikipad 7 tablet, bringing the software up to Android 4.2 and adds a button mapping feature, which should make it easier to control games that don’t natively support the game controller.

via Android Police

  • Michael Thompson

    They do this right and I’ll buy one.

  • JackFrost

    Later this year, hmm lets get the Wikipad time to real time converter out . Ahhh yes, that converts to late 2016.

    In all seriousness , I hope they do release this , and soon. It would be a great partner for a Tegra Note 7.

    • John Morris

      Seriously. Why post products that haven’t even been produced yet? Almost as bad as promoting Kickstarter projects that haven’t been funded. It isn’t really news until price and availability are announced and unless the vendor is known to be reliable a good argument could be made that it isn’t really all that newsworthy until at least pre-order starts.

      This really isn’t ‘news you can use’ and since there will be another article posted when a ship date and price is announced so we can decide whether to care then.