Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo (Lite) on the way?

Samsung may be getting ready to launch a new, cheaper version of the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. SamMobile reports that a retailer in Belgium is taking pre-orders for a phone called the Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

It’s expected to feature a 5.55 inch, 720p display and Samsung’s S Pen digital pen. It’s also expected to be a bit cheaper than a normal Galaxy Note 3 — although with a pre-order price of 599 Euros, it’s still not exactly inexpensive.

Update: The phone’s probably real, but Samsung apparently has no plans to offer it in the US or the UK.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Samsung hasn’t yet officially introduced the phone, but according to SamMobile it’ll have 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot, an 8MP camera, and a 3100mAh batter. It runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, and like other members of the Galaxy Note family, you can use the S Pen to write, draw, or interact with Samsung’s S Note, Multi Window, and other apps.

While the phone looks a lot like the Galaxy Note 3, if the rumors are correct it’ll have a slightly smaller, lower-resolution display, a lower resolution camera, and less memory and storage.

  • Michael Thompson

    So they’ve repackaged the Note 2 essentially. Super


    Taking a page from Apple with their 5 and 5C?

    • Walter_Maxman

      Not really. The 5S and 5C have completely different exteriors (slightly different shape, metal vs plastic) whereas, I believe, this phone has the same exterior as the regular Note 3. Also, selling a cheaper version of a particular good is an ideas much older than even mobile phones and has even been done with smartphones prior to the 5S and 5C being released. Samsung has a Galaxy S3 Lite , and from my quick search it appears they may even have had a Lite version of the Galaxy S2 although I don’t know if it was sold globally or only in certain locales. Either way, this is hardly an Apple original idea, not even by a long shot.

  • James

    I’d get the S5 if it gets a Wacom digitizer. I like the active pen but the Notes are too big for me.

  • vice86

    Why bother?

  • dibob

    wow that is cheap….not

  • buzz86us

    wow i think I’ll just wait for the Asus Vivotab 8 then tether to my cellphone when i need mobile internet. Same function just way cheaper.

    • alan

      Not really the same function for everyone. To some, the Asus + phone tethering would be more functional. To others who would do the same thing on a phone and on a desktop Windows device would think it’s more expensive (likely citing phone + tablet vs subsidized phone price) for the same functionality.

      I’m in the category that thinks the Asus + phone tethering is multiple times more functional.