Paranoid Android keeps making Google’s software better (Quick Settings 3.0)

The developers of Paranoid Android have a habit of taking software developed by Google or other developers and tweaking it by adding another layer or two of awesome. Their latest targets: Immersive mode and the Quick Settings panel in Android 4.4 KitKat.

paranoid android quick settings 3.0

The team has released a third beta of their custom version of Android. While some hallmark features such as Halo and PIE aren’t ready to go yet, Beta 3 does add a few new features including Quick Settings 3.0 and an option to toggle Immersive mode so that you can allow apps to take over the whole screen, show only the navigation bar, or only the status bar.

Quick Settings 3.0 takes the pull-down settings panel from Android 4.4 and lets you add or remove tiles. There are plenty of custom ROMs that do that. But the Paranoid Android version also let you use dual-mode tiles, with an indicator in the corner to let you know when tiles have multiple functions.

A demo video shows tiles that you can tap not only to toggle Bluetooth on or off, for instance, but which you can also use to make your device discoverable or undiscoverable from other Bluetooth hardware.

Other tiles let you tap repeatedly to do things like set a sleep timer for increments between 15 seconds and 30 minutes. And the whole Quick Settings panel is highly customizable, letting you drag and drop tiles to change their order, for example.

  • Jim Freeman

    Can’t wait to see this on my LG G Pad when all features are working!