Lilbits (01-02-2014): Microsoft Surface Pro 2 gets a speed boost

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a 10.6 inch tablet with a full HD display, an Intel Haswell processor, digital pen input, and basically everything you could want from a modern laptop. It just happens to come in the shape of a tablet… with an optional keyboard cover.

When the Surface Pro 2 launched in October, it shipped with an Intel Core i5-4200U processor. But it looks like Microsoft has started shipping new models with a slightly faster CPU at no additional charge.

The difference probably isn’t great enough to really annoy early adopters. But it’ll probably mildly irritate them.

surface pro 2

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  • Zackery Ward

    90%+ users won’t even notice the speed boost difference between the surface pro 1 and 2.

  • Pat

    I wonder why MS didn’t use this chip in the first place. They supposedly cost the same.

    • Ricardo

      Most likely a heat issue

  • Michael Thompson

    I have been using the technique described above to access my Amazon content for a few weeks now.
    It’s imperfect as stated, but still better than nothing.

  • PaleFlyer

    I got my surface 2 pro about a week ago, and noticed almost immediately that I have the 4300U, versus the 4200U in the launch version… Had some weird data points showing, so dug around the web, and saw that the surface 2 was listed as an intel 4200U… And i was showing a 4300U. shows the only real differences as the speed, and the trusted execution, plus a slightly higher GPU clock speed. (1.1 on the 4300, versus 1.0 on the 4200…)