Jolla’s Sailfish OS ported to run on the Nexus 4

There’s only one phone that’s currently designed to ship with the Sailfish operating system. But Sailfish is based on open source software, and at least one person has already figured out how to install Sailfish on the Google Nexus 4 smartphone.

YouTube user sledges has posted a video showing the installation and setup process.

Google Nexus 4 with Sailfish

It looks like you can flash Sailfish using ClockworkMod Recovery, one of several tools that also let you flash many phones and tablets with custom Android ROMs and other software updates. It’s not surprising that ClockworkMod does the trick — you can also use it to install Ubuntu on phones that normally run Android.

Eventually the developers of Sailfish plan to offer official tools for installing the operating system on phones or tablets with unlocked bootloaders. For now we can live vicariously through sledges.

via Jolla Users and GSM Arena

  • Jeff

    Any news on a nice slider keyboard Other Half for the Jolla phone?

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