Google’s Chromoting remote desktop app coming to iOS (and Android)

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop is a tool that lets you remote control one PC from another. Just launch Chrome on a PC, install the add-on from the Chrome Web Store, and you can login to your work PC from home, access your desktop from your laptop, or basically take control of any PC that you have the code for.

There’s also an Android app that’s been in the works for months. It’s designed to let you remote control a PC from your phone. Now it looks like developers at Google are working on an iOS app as well.


The mobile apps are called “Chromoting” at the moment, which is Google’s way of describing its remote desktop-through-the-Chrome-browser software.

9to5Mac found a Chromoting bug  report which references the iOS version. While the report doesn’t provide a lot of details, it does describe the iOS app as “very unpolished,” with placeholder toolbar icons, for instance.

It’s likely that the Android app will be available to the public before the iOS version — but it does look like Google plans to offer its remote desktop software for both platforms.

  • mitchellbrian fox

    So, this might work to remote into a mac that has chrome from the android app or chrome on my laptop? I am assuming that chrome on both devices has to be associated with the same username (gmail account), is that correct? Or, would i be able to use this to remote into a family member’s mac to help them, even though they have chrome under their own gmail account? I guess i am thinking of using like like rdp or splashtop for that use case. It seems like that would allow for mailicious use?

    • boonesimpson

      yes so long as the chrome install has the “chrome remote desktop” extension installed and running (it has a setting to run even when chrome isn’t).

      It will allow PIN code access to any machine tied to your Google account, or a friend could give you an “access code” which will let you access their machine similar to crossloop.

  • mitchellbrian fox

    Okay, thanks. Sound very promising, not just for usage I asked about but in general.. so it won;’t just give you access to the remote instance of chrome, but to anything on the remote computer? I wonder if it will eventually work tablet to tablet, or pc to tablet also?

  • Jon

    So it sounds like it allows for remote desktop contol, not just the Chrome browser. Any comparisons to using the built-in remote funtions of Windows and Mac OS (assuming it works on Mac OS too)?

  • artinvent

    Kind of wish that Chrome on Android was just fully compatible with the desktop version and all its extensions. Then Chromoting and all the other stuff that already works on Chrome would also work on Android. In a lot of cases Chrome desktop does a ton of things that the Android apps for the same purpose are sadly missing. Maps; Gmail; Google office apps, etc.

  • Mathieu Ferland

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