Geeksphone Revolution revealed, minus Android Firefox OS dual-boot clues

Pictures have surfaced of the Geeksphone Revolution, the upcoming phone that’s reportedly going to allow you to boot into either Android or Firefox OS.

As you can see, the Revolution’s design is quite subdued — nothing flashy here. It looks a bit like the Moto G and Moto X, and it also seems like it could be based on the ZTE Geek.


The Revolution and the Geek have nearly identical profiles. Although the speaker grill, camera, and flash are in different positions on the two phones, there’s definitely a strong similarity.

Add in the facts that Geeksphone doesn’t actually manufacture its own devices and that the ZTE Geek also utilizes an Intel processor, and it’s not hard to imagine that the Revolution is a remixed phone.


That would actually be a bit of good news if you’re intrigued by a device that can dual-boot Android and Firefox OS.

Update: It looks like the Revolution will support Android, Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko software, and other operating systems. But you’ll need to choose one: it’s not really a dual boot device. 

Why? Because the ZTE Geek’s specs are slightly better than those that leaked for the Revolution.

Instead of a 4.7-inch, 960 x 540 display, you’d be looking at a 5-inch 1280 x 720 panel — which is much more in line with today’s lower-end phones. Its battery would be larger, too, ramping up to 2300mAh from 2000mAh. Of course, those original specs could be right on the money if Geeksphone is planning on offering the Revolution at a rock-bottom price.

Update: it’s definitely a 4.7-inch qHD display here… and a 2000mAh battery. At least it’s user-replaceable. Thanks, Roland!

When they’re dangling the promise that “the Revolution is coming,” however, you’d hope for the slightly more up-to-date specs. Giving Firefox OS fans a phone with decent hardware would be a bit of a revolution, too.

So far they’ve been rather underpowered.

  • Roland

    No leak here. See the source links on our site, stuff’s been published by geeksphone themselves through facebook and their own tumblr :)

    • lmathews

      Thanks for the heads-up, Roland!

  • Michael Thompson

    About that headline….

  • Vostok123

    No games, no nice apps, only HTML5, fail.



    • John Baker

      You forgot SUPER INTEL ATOM CPU.

    • bbkm

      Uhhhhhh…. Perhaps you don’t understand the concept of dual boot? I suspect your criticism is being leveled at Firefox, but android is on this device as well.

      • Vostok123

        Why this need DualBoot with Android ? Yeah, Firefox OS is the fail.

      • bbkm

        What you are missing is two things: 1) the target market of FirefoxOS, and 2) the design ideology behind the OS.

        So, 1) The target market has been explicitly stated to be developing and emerging markets, which I take it you aren’t; and 2) the design ideology behind pure html is to free users from app ecosystems akin to Android and iOS, which you don’t seem to want to be free of.

        So it’s understandable you don’t get it, you don’t like it, and won’t buy it. However, you aren’t the only smartphone purchaser in the world, so there’s that.

      • Vostok123

        Man, i live in a poor and underdeveloped third world country (Brazil), and ALL the poor childs in this country want Android because of his games, and old people want good cells, not the worst, all around sell Android cells, Firefox OS dont have chance here, and this is not different in all Latin America and other places of the world, the poor people want the best, not the junk.

        Firefox OS is dead like Ubuntu, etc.