Pebble smartwatch app store coming in early 2014

The Pebble smartwatch is a wristwatch with an ePaper display, wireless connectivity, the ability to display notifications from your phone, customizable watch faces, and support for third party apps. Starting in early 2014, it’ll be easier to find and install those third party apps.

Pebble has announced that it will launch the Pebble appstore and the Pebble SDK 2.0 in the beginning of 2014.

pebble appstore

Users will be able to access the appstore by firing up the Pebble app on their Android or iOS smartphone. Apps will be divided into 6 categories, covering things like news and weather apps, notifications, games, tools, fitness, and apps that let you use your watch as a remote control for other devices.

You’ll also be able to download additional watch faces from the Pebble appstore.

At launch all apps distributed through the Pebble appstore will be available for free — although they may be designed to work with companion Android or iOS apps which developers might charge for.

The smartwatch space is still pretty new, but Pebble isn’t just one of the early players — the company also offers a relatively unique device that has long battery life, a display that’s easy to read outdoors, and a growing ecosystem of third party apps. The Pebble smartwatch is also significantly less expensive than offerings from some rivals such as Samsung.

It has a list price of $150, but you can currently find Pebble watches on sale for as little as $120.

via TechCrunch

  • beckywilliams

    Smart Devices is one other tech-company offering an innovative smart watch — best known for winning a prestigious 2013 CTIA E-Tech Award for the world’s first tablet with a built-in DLP projector; and now its Smart Q Z-watch is gaining notice for its features and design and compares to the Pebble smartwatch but with features more on par with Samsung’s Galaxy watch at nearly half the price. Smart Devices is also expected to launch an App store in January, after accepting hundreds of App developer submissions in November.

    The SmartQ Z-Watch ($155) launched December 1st and offers a full color touch-screen display with one of the highest resolutions currently available, and features a powerful 1Ghz processor, along with twice the battery power of most other models on the market; plus Bluetooth 4.0 with low energy use & WiFi connection.

    The SmartQ Z-Watch works with Android smartphones to handle phone calls and sync and display messages, contacts, and schedule; plus features an MP3 Player & Voice Recorder, a walking/jogging pedometer and sleep analyzer, and world Weather forcast — a software update is expected January for the watch to work with Apple iOS devices as well.

    One of the first resellers offering the SmartQ Z-Watch is Tab l et S p r i nt — which also includes premium earphones and an extra watch band strap as part of an introductory promotion.