Lilbits (12-20-2013): Goodbye Winamp (maybe)

After 15 years, Winamp might be shutting down soon. In the late 90s, the music player was pretty much the go-to MP3 player folks used to handle their ripped CDs and Napster downloads. But the app was eventually acquired by AOL and over the past decade it’s largely faded into obscurity.

AOL announced plans to shut down Winamp and the Shoutcast streaming radio service on December 20th, but there are rumors that another company might step in and buy the assets, keeping Winamp alive. In the meantime, one of the big names in this decade’s music space are paying tribute.

Spotify has released a PC app that looks just like Winamp classic, but which streams playlists-on-demand from Spotify’s servers.


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  • Sam Mulvey

    Well, someone types “Google” a lot.

    Queue llamas and whipping comment!

    (Googbye in the headline)

  • epinoa

    well I still use winamp