Intel updating NUC mini-desktops with a 2.5 inch drive bay

So you like the idea of Intel’s NUC mini-desktop computers, but you don’t love the idea of using an mSATA solid state drive as your only means of storage. No problem. Intel is getting ready to launch new models that have 2.5 inch drive bays, which means you can use pretty much any hard drive or SSD designed for laptops.

Legit Reviews reports that the new NUC systems should be available by the end of December.

Intel NUC with 2.5 inch drive bay

Intel introduced its first NUC systems in 2012, and recently updated the lineup to include Intel Haswell (4th generation Core) processors. NUC stands for Next Unit of Computing, and these little computers are basically an attempt to show off with Intel’s latest low-power, high-performance chips can do in a tiny desktop that only needs a 65W power supply.

The new models will be a bit thicker than their predecessors, at 4.6″ x 4.4″ x 1.95″ compared with the models which lack a drive bay and which measure 1.36″ thick. But an Intel NUC is still one of the smallest desktop computers you’re likely to find with support for a Haswell processor.

Legit Reviews has a few more photos which show features inclduing a few USB ports, HDMI and Ethernet jacks, and more.

via Mini Machines

  • me

    It’d be nice if Intel makes them fanless at nice prices. Some of the 3rd party fanless cases can cost as much as the NUC and/or almost the same size as mini-ITX cases.

  • brian

    hopefully this can still take an msata in addition to the 2.5″ drive

    • James Webster

      I am almost 100% confident it can… the current Haswell NUCs already have the header on the board for accepting a SATA cable, it is just that the current cases they come in are too small.

      So you can have an mSATA SDD for your boot drive and a SATA connected HDD for data.

  • shaurz

    I’m still waiting for the Gigabyte Brix 2 Pro.

  • Watts

    Yes! I’ve been waiting. And I keep checking daily for release dates. Hurry please Intel.

    Really glad they wised up and made them accept the normal SSD drives. Now if only they’d make them fanless… I hear Q1 for the Bay Trail NUCs. Hope that means January. lol. ‘Cause I want
    two. I’m all about 5 watts and no fans anymore, thank you very much.
    Finally. But I’m looking at getting about 3 NUCs in the next 90 days as I
    want all my PCs and XBMC players to be super low power. Thank you
    Intel. But make it snappy please.