E Ink introduces Fina displays: 50 percent thinner, lighter

E Ink has introduced a new type of ePaper display which it says is half the weigh and half the thickness of a typical glass-based LCD. The company says that makes it new Fina screens well suited for devices that are larger than your typical tablet or eReader, since you can use an E Ink Fina display without adding much weight to the device.

For example the new PcoketBOOK CAD Reader features a 13.3 inch Fina display that weighs just over 2 ounces.

pocketbook cad reader

The PocketBook CAD Reader is aimed at architects and other professionals that could use a portable device for viewing CAD files — it’s not exactly a consumer-oriented device. But it does give us a first look at a Fina display.

We’ll likely start to see similar screens using the same TFT displays with E Ink’s thin glass substrate in other devices in the future.



    How about something like this on one of these smartwatches we all hear about? Great battery life, viewable in the sun, thin, light, and can display all the time.

    • Tiago Branco

      That’s a great idea and all ready exist, at least a model by Phosphor. The battery last a year or more (as advertise). Check this this video: http://youtu.be/RZZn-wN48pw

    • Tiago Branco

      Is you need something “smarter” you can check this one, by Sonostar: http://youtu.be/KUnBTz4WMds

  • vēer

    This is all useless BS, put it into consumer devices like tablets, cell phones or STFU, cause weve been hearing ePaper this, ePaper that but never, NEVER seen legible product released for masses, the same applies to PixelQi.

    • KindleFTW

      How can you not know about ebook readers?

      • vēer

        Sorry, was talking about phones and computers!