AT&T now offers bring-your-own phone discounts, plans starting at $45/month

AT&T has launched new “Mobile Share Value Plans” which offer lower monthly rates — especially if you bring your own phone or buy a new phone at full price up front (instead of spreading out payments over a 2-year contract).

Basically you’ll save $15 per month if you don’t sign up for a 2-year contract to get a new phone and instead bring your own phone or sign up for a new plan after your existing contract expires.

That means talk text, and data plans now start as low as $45 per month.

AT&T Mobile Share Plan


What you get for that price is unlimited talk and text, but just 300MB of data. You’ll have to pay more if you want more data. A 1GB plan runs $70 per month. 2GB will set you back $80. There are additional plans that go all the way up to 50GB.

Since these are AT&T’s Mobile Share Value Plans, you can also add other devices to your plan and share your data allotment between devices. Additional phones cost $20 extra per month, each. The same goes for laptops or mobile hotspots. A tablet is a $10 add-on.

If you have a single phone and only need a few gigabytes of data, you can probably get a better deal by using an AT&T-compatible phone with an MVNO like Straight Talk or Net10. They operate on AT&T’s network, but offer much lower prices — I pay $45 per month for Straight Talk and get unlimited talk and text plus 2.5GB of high-speed data.

But it’s nice to see AT&T offering discounts for customers that bring their own devices, something that rivals including T-Mobile have been doing for a while. And these new plans could save you some money if you have a number of devices you want to sign up to a single plan.

  • relaxed

    For 300MB for $45? FUUUUUUUUUU

  • Alan

    Do they have any new and cheaper data only plans? I’d like to open an account with AT&T for data only devices.

    • Matt

      Yes, they have plans that are available for data only devices like tablets and mi-fi hotspots. The details are on their website, but the plans start at $30 for 4GB, plus $10-$20 per device ($10 for tablets).

  • bicyclebill

    #1 — Bring your own phone.
    #2 — 1Gb of data. That ain’t very much.
    #3 — No mention of cost of data overage or how it’s billed (per Gb? per Mb?) once you go over the 1Gb.
    #4 — Want a new phone? Full retail price, if you please (iPhone 5S = $650.00)


    • jonyah

      It only makes sense if you want to import a phone they don’t offer. For me, I’m ordering the Z1 (C6906) so it will save me a little/month. That helps to offset the cost of what I’m paying for the phone, plus I am selling my current one and I’m not locked into a contact. I’d like to know the overage cost too, though I’ll have more than enough data for my needs.

  • Izzy21

    T-Mobile doesn’t have overage charges, 500MB w/ Unlmtd TLK-TXT for $50??? Sounds more reasonable to me. It just slows your data down, but still… Better Value than AT&T!!