$299 Asus VivoTab Note 8 Windows tablet with stylus coming soon

There’s mounting evidence that Asus plans to launch its first 8 inch Windows tablet soon, and it looks like the company is taking a page out of Dell’s playbook. The upcoming Asus VivoTab Note 8 appears to be a tablet with an 8 inch screen, an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, and support for pen input.

It’s expected to launch soon for around $299, which makes it a pretty close match for the Dell Venue 8 Pro in terms of price, size, and most other specs.

asus vivotab note 8

Asus already offers a popular 10 inch Windows tablet called the Transformer Book T100. It sells for around $399 or less and works as a standalone tablet or as a small notebook thanks to the included keyboard dock.

This week evidence of a new 8 inch model called the M80TA surfaced, and that prompted the folks at Mobile Geeks to do a little more digging. What they found is that the new tablet isn’t a Transformer Book at all, but a new model called a VivoTab Note. It’s tablet with an active digitizer and support for pen input for writing or drawing.

The tablet showed up alongside a number of other Windows tablets in a presentation from business software company SAP. The Asus VivoTab Note 8 M80TA is also mentioned on the Asus website, where it’s listed as one of the tablets supported by the company’s TransKeyboard wireless keyboard.

Meanwhile, retail store More Computers and Indian import/exporter Zuaba have some specs listed.

Altogether, they paint a picture of an 8 inch Windows tablet with an Intel Atom Z3740 Bay Trail processor, 2GB of RAM, up to 64GB of storage, Office 2013 Home & Student, and support for pen input. According to Mobile Geeks, the tablet will have a 15Whr battery, front and rear cameras, stereo speakers, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS, and a 1280 x 800 pixel display.

Update: We have some better pictures, courtesy of ZoomIt.

  • sri_tech

    Here are the high res pics link for this tablet.


  • Jeff

    I hope there ‘s a silo for the stylus and it uses Wacom. This was why I passed on the Dell.

    • CyberGusa

      Well, if the image is accurate then that’s definitely the type of pen that’s designed to pop out from a silo…

  • Jeff

    Anyone know if there’s a Modern app for Amazon Instant Video? The site doesn’t have HD streams for many videos and Flash is pretty resource heavy and kills battery life. Doesn’t look like it’s accelerated by the GPU.

    • Michael Thompson

      There is not.

      • CyberGusa

        Well… only on the Kindle tablet… otherwise, yes… only Flash capable browsers but it shouldn’t be too resource heavy, even a Blackberry Playbook can handle Flash well enough to easily watch Amazon Instant Video movies…

        Any of these Bay Trail Windows 8 tablets should offer more than enough performance to handle it in comparison and still get pretty good battery life…

      • pickles

        That sucks. The site hardly has HD versions of the movies I want to watch. Only the apps on Kindles and iOS devices have the HD versions.

    • Farfle

      I thought Amazon uses Silverlight, or at least has it as an option, instead of Flash?

  • zdanee

    Pen and touch I presume. This done right might be a blessing for artists.

    • Pablo Nilo

      As an artist this is a dream device… An affordable tablet with wacom input that you can hold in one hand and runs full windows. I can install a light version of photoshop or painter…. definitely will be getting this

  • Jeremiah

    I’ve got the Dell Venue 8 Pro and I’m happy with it…though I must say the stylus is for crap. Maybe ASUS will get right where Dell failed.

  • dude

    No way I’m buying a Tablet that requires a Stylus. That’s SO Last Millennium!

    • techgeek32

      It doesn’t require a stylus to use. The Wacom stylus is a value added feature of this tablet. You might be better off with an iPad.

  • Jonathan San Juan

    Does it have HDMI out like the Toshiba Encore?
    That way you can use it on a bigger screen for detailed stuff like Excel.