You might be able to get Google Glass from your optometrist

Google has been promising that future versions of Google Glass would work with prescription lenses for people who already wear glasses. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Google is in talks with at least one eyewear company that could result in Google’s wearable computer being sol through optometry offices.

The idea is that you’ll be able to walk into an office, pick out a new pair of glasses, and opt for Google’s mobile computing device the way you’d now select anti-glare coating… or something like that.

Google Glass with glasses

Google Glass is a wearable device that puts a small display above one eye and lets you pull up directions, web searches, photos, videos, and other content using gestures and voice commands.

Right now, Google Glass is only available as a standalone device, but the latest models are designed to be usable with sunglass shades. According to the WSJ, VSP Global and Google are talking about a deal to make stylish Google Glass frames that would work with prescription lenses.

There are no concrete plans to report yet, and this particular deal might go nowhere — but it does help show Google’s vision for the future of its wearable devices.

via CNET

  • Michael Thompson

    Google has deep pockets, and the insurance industry has taught the medical community that greed is good, so grease a few palms and get that appless wonder out to the masses who wear glasses!