Asus Chromebooks coming in 2014 for $249 or less

Asus practically invented the affordable portable notebook space with the launch of the first Eee PC netbook in 2007. But the market for inexpensive portable devices has changed in the past few years, with the advent of  tablets, convertibles, and Chromebooks.

While Asus has released a number of Android and Windows tablets over the past few years, the company has yet to launch a Chromebook. But that could change soon.

Focus Taiwan reports that Asus will launch two Chromebooks in 2014.

Asus Transformer Book T100 with Google Chrome

Asus Transformer Book T100 with Google Chrome

The company will reportedly offer a model priced at $249, and could also launch models with prices as low as $199.

Unfortunately there’s no word on what kind of specs we could expect — Chromebooks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes these days, with some models sporting ARM-based chips and others powered by Intel processors.

Asus figures laptops designed to run Chrome OS will be most attractive to customers in the education market, but some folks have found the inexpensive laptops meet their needs for most day-to-day computing tasks.

via Android Community and G for Games

  • Cy Halothrin

    This could be very good if ASUS does a few things right which their main competitor, Samsung, does wrong. As follows:

    1) Be sure to have a slot for a micro-SD card
    2) Make BIOS configurable so that machine can boot another OS (Android, Linux) from the SD card

    I’m not sure if the Samsung Chromebooks have a removable battery or not, but I certainly hope that ASUS will have that.

    And as for the processor, I also certainly hope it will be ARM. Unfortunately, ASUS has released a few smart phones recently with slow Intel processors, so this is a concern.

    • SPM

      1) Samsung Chromebooks do have a microSD slot.
      2) All Chromebooks can boot another OS Linux works, Windows boot up is not compatible with the fast boot BIOS because Microsoft chose not to make it compatible with the fast boot BIOS. To boot Linux you need to select developer mode to do so (to deactivate the OS image integrity auto checking at boot up).

      The ARM versions are the best selling ones (Samsung Chromebook), but some Prefer the Haswell Intel which is also good.

  • daniel brenha

    I still haven’t seen one chromebook where I live.