MediaTek working on ARM Cortex-A50 chips

Tawianes chip maker MediaTek recently announced it was working on an ARM Cortex-A15 chip with big.LITTLE technology. Now the company has announced that it’s licensed ARM Cortex-A50 technology, which means we could see 32-bit or 64-bit ARMv8 chips processors from MediaTek in the coming year.

arm cortex-a57

MediaTek has sort of come out of nowhere in the past year or two, producing a series of low-power, moderate performance processors for smartphones and tablets. Soon the company’s chips might be competitive with those from big-name companies such as Qualcomm, Samsung, and NVIDIA.

While you’re still most likely to find MediaTek processors in phones and tablets from Chinese companies you’ve never heard of, some major device makers including Lenovo and Acer have started to use MediaTek chips in their low-cost tablets.

Now that MediaTek is moving into ARM Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 territory, its upcoming chips could be even more attractive.

via Padhz


    Having more players in the game just means lower prices for consumers. I have one device with a mediatek processor and while it is no speed demon, it is fast enough.