Lilbits (10-07-2013) Fox News introduces crazy touchscreen-driven newsroom

People are spending more and more time consuming news, video, and other content on smartphones, tablets, and other devices with touchscreens. Now Fox News plans to do the same thing… in a new newsroom featuring computers with 55 inch touchscreen displays which they’ll use to do their work live, on the air… for some strange reason.

Even the folks in the the promotional video seem kind of skeptical, but I suspect the goal isn’t necessarily to be more efficient… it’s to look good on TV. Enormous touchscreen displays are a bit more photogenic than the back of a reporter’s laptop. The right tools for the job… or something.

Fox big tablets

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  • digi_owl

    The idea of large screens have potential, but the interface needs to be adapted to the size. And that do not seem to be the case with the FOX implementation.

    • CyberGusa

      Seems to be a further adoption of what they were already doing with the touch screen wall display, just set up for individual users.

      Though, it’s mostly like how television shows in general display technology… like having all text messages large enough for the viewers to easily see from a few feet away without needing to zoom in on the phone screen for example.

      In this case it seems mostly for the viewers benefit to get a glimpse of what they’re working on, which is why all the screens are facing the cameras and helps the viewer see how they’re constantly aggregating the Internet for the latest news… and explains why the content aren’t better optimized for the size screens as the interns aren’t just working but showing that they’re working…

      Though, a side benefit is it lets Shepard easily see what they’re working on and that could help with segments like around the world in 60 seconds news segment for example…

      • David Gosnell

        How long until one of the screens shows a giant game of Freecell?

      • CyberGusa

        Depends on the interns… They’ve been caught before on the more traditional desktop desk systems but it’s easier to get caught goofing off with a 55″ screen…

  • LowIQ_Human

    on many other sites I see many complain about how people can use them on a News program, and the obvious is frequently missed, it is not made for the user on a 55″ screen but the “Audience” who will be viewing those screens from the comfort of their TV!!!, almost all the major News organizations try to get the attention of the audience with either big wall screens or CGI effects, it’s how they make their MONEY!$$, this is actually good technology as more people use them they will correct any anomalies and re-engineer them for greater effect of the audience perspective!, therefore even a NEWS channel can bring innovation of technology just by using it!

  • samantha

    I just saw amazing tabler TV here: ,guess they use this kind stuff

  • FanlessTech

    Is this real? Looks like a SNL skit.

  • Deng betty

    This big screen looks beautiful and elegant. However, I think this is not suitable for the newsroom worker. As the light is so strong, people’s eyes would get hurt for a long run. So I think may be there is another way to solve this problem. People may should wear some glasses to protect their eyes…something like that…