GameStick dock hits the FCC, expands capabilities of PlayJam’s tiny game console

PlayJam’s GameStick is a $80 device that looks like a chunky USB flash drive, but which is designed to let you play Android games on a TV. It’s small enough to actually fit inside the wireless game controller that comes with the GameStick when you’re not using it.

But that means there’s not a lot of room for ports. So PlayJam made a docking station for folks that want to do a bit more. The GameStick is expected to hit the streets later this month, and it looks like the dock should be available around the same time.

It passed through the FCC this week.

GameStick Dock

The GameStick Dock features a few USB ports, HDMI ports, an Ethernet jack, and an SD card slot. You can insert the GameStick in the dock and then connect memory cards or USB flash drives for storage, hook up a keyboard, mouse, mic, camera, or other USB peripheral, or connect to the internet via Ethernet as an alternative to WiFi.

You can also use the dock to charge a game controller. Just place the controller on top of the dock so that the pins are lined up and an LED light will start flashing to let you know it’s charging.

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