Deals of the Day (10-25-2013)

Asus Zenbook laptops are among the thinnest and lightest laptops, with 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch models weighing less than 3 pounds and measuring about seven tenths of an inch thick.

They also happen to be reasonably powerful, with Intel Core i5 or faster processors, and some models featuring high resolution displays. While new models with Haswell chips and ultra HD screens are starting to hit the market this year, older models are still available — and sometimes you can find them for really, really low prices.

Right now Woot is running a sale on refurbished laptops, including Zenbooks selling for betwen $500 and $700, with some models featuring Ivy Bridge processors, touchscreen displays, and other premium features.

Woot Laptop Sale


Here are some of the day’s best deals.

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