Is Dell working on 10.8 inch Windows 8.1, Windows RT tablets?

Dell is holding an event in New York next week where the company is expected to launch a new line of tablets, including an 8 inch model with an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor. But according to a few leaked details, it looks like the company could have a few larger models up its sleeve.

The Dell Venue 11 and Dell Venue 11 Pro are expected to feature 10.8 inch, full HD displays. But while the base model is expected to have a Qualcomm processor and run Windows RT software, the Dell Venue 11 Pro is a Windows 8.1 tablet with an Intel chip.

Dell hasn’t made any official announcements yet though, so take this with a grain of salt.

Dell Venue 11 Pro

Both models would offer up to 10 hours of battery life, feature 1920 x 1080 pixel displays, and 2GB of RAM. But the Dell Venue 11 Pro would feature a 64GB solid state drive and optional 4G LTE support, while the entry-level model would be a WiFi-only tablet with 32GB of storage.

The Dell Venue 11 Pro is expected to have an Intel Atom Z3770 quad-core processor and Windows 8.1 32-bit software. TabTech reports it could also have a user-replaceable battery and optional accessories including a desktop dock and a keyboard dock (with an extra battery for up to 19 hours of run time).

The Pro model is expected to sell for as little as $399. There’s no word on how much the Qualcomm-powered model would cost, but it’s safe to guess it’d be less than that.

If these details are true, it would suggest that Dell isn’t giving up on Windows RT altogether. The company stopped selling its first Windows RT tablet this week.

Windows RT 8.1 looks virtually identical to Windows 8.1, but it’s designed to run on devices with ARM-based processors. Microsoft also imposes more restrictions: for instance, you can’t easily install apps on Windows RT unless they come from the official Windows Store.

Most apps designed for the classic Windows desktop user interface won’t run on Windows RT, and you can’t run most apps designed for older versions of Windows since they’re not designed for the new “Modern” user interface or for ARM-based processors.

On the other hand, it’s possible that some of these leaks only point to prototypes which will never become real products… or they could be fake.


  • sri_tech

    Paul thurott reported that Dell is preparing 10.8 inch Windows 8 tablet with Bay trail processor.
    He also mentioned the price as $399.

    If this for Pro is correct then its a fantastic deal. Then we might even see RT model for even less price (may be $300-$349).

    We will know details at Oct 2. event. Things are getting interesting.


    Maybe I am just dense, but if they are going to have a x86 processor in the Dell Venue 11 Pro why cripple it with RT?

    • Brad Linder

      The Dell Venue 11 has a Qualcomm chip and Windows RT. The Dell Venue 11 Pro has an x86 chip and Windows 8.1

      Two different tablets.

      • CyberGusa

        Need to correct the Article then…

        “The Dell Venue 11 Pro is expected to have an Intel Atom Z3770 quad-core processor and Windows RT 32-bit software.”…

      • Brad Linder

        Whoops. I got it right at the top of the article. Must have had Windows RT on the brain when I wrote that line.

  • Joe

    Any news on whether the “keyboard dock” will be an actual keyboard with a hinge or just a flimsy pseudo-keyboard? I want a real full Windows 8 tablet-laptop (as in can be used on my lap) with LTE. The Asus T100 is the closest so far, but it has no LTE. I hope Dell comes through with a winner.

  • Sam Curcio

    I received a message that Dell is hiring support people and they need them fast. These are jobs right here in the USA. Could be Dell is preparing for the onslaught of user inquiries once the devices are released.

  • CenturionSlayer

    I forsee a $429 Price point for the 10 inch bay trail, $349 for RT, likewise a $329 Price point for the little venue, but I haven’t seen word of an RT 8 inched, and it probably wouldn’t be competitive

  • Javier

    Wow!!! it looks just like windows 8.1 but can not use any apps, I want two of them!!
    Micrososft should consider joining windows RT and windows phone if the want to compete with apple

    • EVHappy

      They are already on it – one OS for everything, Super phone to data center servers and everything in-between. What must be in production first are the new 14 nm X86 chips from Intel (that will be introduced in June and be in consumer products next holiday season).

      Those that think Intel and Microsoft are done like dinner are going to be blindsided.

  • Rayhan Moh’d Rahat

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