MK908 II Android TV stick with external antenna hits the streets for $75 and up

The Tronsmart MK908 is a small box with a few USB ports, a quad-core processor, and HDMI output. You can plug it into a TV to run Android apps on the big screen. There are a lot of devices on the market like the MK908, but it’s one of the fastest, most reliable devices of its type that I’ve tested in the past year.

Now there’s a new model which features an external antenna which should offer better WiFi performance.

The MK908 II is available from several sellers at AliExpress, with prices starting at $75. GeekBuying also sells it for $69.

MK908 II

Like the original, the new MK908 II features a Rockchip RK3188 ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of built-in storage, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth, and a microSD card slot. It has 2 microUSB ports, 1 full-sized USB port, and an HDMI port.

The biggest difference between the new model and the original is the adjustable WiFi antenna. Personally I didn’t have any problems connecting the original MK908 to my home WiFi network, but these tiny Android TV sticks are notorious for flaky WiFi performance. So in general I’m a fan of any changes designed to improve WiFi reception.

You’ll have to pay a bit extra for a model with that antenna though — first generation MK908 devices now sell for as little as $60.


  • thetruthisalie

    If only they used standard SMA antenna so we are free to buy more powerful high gain ones

    • Michael Thompson

      The trend toward external antennae is a good step forward however, as my CX-919 with external antenna has outstanding WiFi performance.

  • nicknowsky

    the android stick craze continues….i knew back last fall that in a year or so they’d start getting better…not just a crap made dongle…cord cutters might make it

  • jimrin

    One hesitation I’ve had with a stick is the lack of an on/off switch. I know I could unplug but hey, that means I have to get off of the couch. But seriously, when not in use even though it is on, is the stick at a reasonably cool temperature? Also, I heard that all Rockchip chips also have a DLNA mode, have you done a review of such a functionality? From my perspective, this would be a better Chromecast device than Chromecast as then I could throw lots of media to the TV from any app which supports DLNA. (That is, I want to throw media onto the device, not have to retrieve media using the device.)

    • onlyrgu

      Use custom FW Minx
      It has a power off button

  • clkeagle

    This one is $69 at Geekbuying.

    Other than the gender of the HDMI jack, what’s the difference between the Tronsmart MK908 II and the Tronsmart CX-919? Looks like it’s the exact same hardware, just in a different case.

    • Mint-User

      The price at Geekbuying for it is certainly a good one, but the antenna design just looks like being attached to it in a fugly way.

      The (Podoor) T518 on the other hand has a much nicer, more organic antenna design, but unfortunately is also quite a bit more expensive at geekbuying, somewhat cheaper on aliexpress.

  • Amanda Simmons

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  • Антон Иванов

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