Microsoft Surface Touch Cover price cut coming soon?

Microsoft has lowered the price of the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets in recent months. Now it looks like the Surface Touch Cover could be next in light for a price cut.

WP Central reports that Microsoft will drop the price of a Touch Cover from $120 to $80 starting August 30th.

Microsoft Surface Touch Cover

The Touch Cover is both a protective screen cover and a keyboard for the Surface Pro or Surface RT tablets.

What sets it apart from most keyboard covers is the flat keys. The surface of the cover is pressure-sensitive, allowing you to type by pressing down on any of the keys — but you won’t feel them move under your fingers. This allows the cover to be thinner than most keyboard covers, and also spill-resistant, although typing on a Touch Cover can take a little getting used to.

The cover latches onto the tablet’s edge using magnets, and clicks into place with a pretty sturdy connection.

Microsoft sells the Touch Cover in black, white, red, blue, and magenta colors.

Microsoft also offers a Surface Type Cover with physical keys, but that model’s almost twice as thick as the 3mm Touch Cover, and it currently sells for $130. There’s no word on whether the Type Cover will also get a price cut.