Lilbits (8-14-2013): Asking Google for help

Google will soon start using some of the information it already has about you to make your life a little easier (or maybe creepier). Soon when you’re logged into you Google account on a PC or using the Google Search apps for Android or iOS, you’ll be able to ask Google questions, and receive answers based on data from your Gmail, Google+ and Google Calendar accounts.

For instance, you can type or ask by voice if your flight is on time, and Google will look through your receipts and reservations to find your flight information and then check to see if the flight is delayed.

Google Search

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  • Hermes

    I hate things doing my thinking for me.

    There is a technical reason, too, why this annoys me. Layers of complexity add fragility to a system. In search, that fragility shows up as incomplete or invalid return results. That is why I frequently use explicit syntax when I perform a search such as “quote marks around literal strings”.

    • Mo

      Ya, as time goes by and Google’s search gets “smarter,” I end up using quotation marks and the OR operator more and more. Google’s search results are getting worse with each “enhancement.”

  • David

    duckduckgo dot com

    • BoloMKXXVIII

      Duckduckgo is one of my go-to search sites. It reminds me of Google when it first started…minus the tracking. You can also try Ixquick.
      For more information about search engines check out
      I am not affiliated with them.

    • Conception

      Brad’s pretty cool with administration. You can spell it out fully…you’re enhancing the thread’s value so he’s cool about linking.