Lilbits (8-01-2013): BlackBerry Messenger for Android,

Once upon a time BlackBerry pretty much ruled the smartphone space in North America. Those days are long gone thanks to the rise of Android and iOS, but there are still some die-hard fans of at least one BlackBerry service: BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM.

What started out as an alternative to sending text messages eventually became a powerful, full-feature messaging platform. And soon it’ll be available to Android and iOS users as well. This week BlackBerry started inviting a small group of users to join a private beta, and the first photos of BBM for Android hit the web.

BlackBerry Messenger for Android

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  • Conception

    I’m currently a BlackBerry user but I’m migrating to Android since BlackBerry killed the PlayBook. I love BBM on my 9810 but now that it’s not coming to the PlayBook, I’m not so sure I’ll care too much if it’s successful on Android. I am sure as hell not going to be another BlackBerry Beta tester. I already was with both the 9810 phone and the now dead end PlayBook. They’re going to have to release a full featured and well tested program before I go back to using BBM on my Android tablet. It is a very good program though and a joy to use on the 9810. If it deviates too much from that user experience then it will be a major mistake of BlackBerry to release another half baked idea.