LG teases G Pad 8.3, suggests smaller is better

It’s official: LG plans to launch something called the LG G Pad 8.3. The company released a teaser video for the upcoming device, and logic would dictate that the name refers to the rumored 8.3 inch Android tablet.

While LG hasn’t officially provided any specs for the tablet yet, it’s expected to have a full HD display, a quad-core processor (probably a Snapdragon 600), and other high-end hardware.

If the new video’s anything to go by, LG is also going to market the heck out of the screen size, suggesting it’s hits a sweet spot between the portability of a 7 inch tablet and the utility of a larger 10 inch model.

LG G Pad 8.3

The video basically consists of people on the street describing what they’d want in a tablet, but a few things come up over and over again:

  • It has to be portable enough to take with you everywhere, and even to fit in your pocket.
  • It has to be large enough for several people to watch a video or to get real work done.
  • It should be thin and light.
  • It should connect to your other devices such as a PC or a smart TV.

Somehow I doubt that LG would have released this video if it planned to launch a tablet that’s 3 inches thick, weighs 8 pounds, and doesn’t include wireless connectivity.

We’ll probably find out more about the tablet in the coming weeks. The IFA consumer electronics show is coming up in early September.

via Techblog.gr