KDE Connect brings together your Android phone, Linux desktop

Say you’ve got an Android phone in your pocket and a Linux computer on your desk. Ever wonder why you have to pick up your phone to see notifications, or use your PC keyboard to control media playback on your computer?

KDE Connect is a utility that brings your Android phone’s notifications to your Linux desktop, lets you use your phone as a remote control for music and video players, and bridges the divide between your phone and your PC in other ways.

KDE Connect

Developer Albert Vaca is working on KDE Connect as a Google Summer of Code project. It currently supports Android 4.0 and up, but eventually he plans to support earlier versions of Android. The KDE Connect protocol is also available for anyone interested in bringing similar functionality to mobile devices running other operating systems.

Here are some of the things you can already do by installing KDE Connect on an Android phone and pairing it with a GNU/Linux desktop running the KDE desktop environment:

  • Display missed called or SMS notifications on your computer.
  • View your phone’s battery status on your PC.
  • Synchronize your clipboard data (select text on your phone, paste it on your PC).
  • Use media play, pause, and forward buttons on your phone to control playback on your computer.

Future versions of the software will also let you transfer files between a PC and mobile device.

via reddit

  • ddevine

    It’d be nice to have some integration between KDE and a Pebble. Show chat and email notifications, alarms – maybe even some clipboard integration so you copy a note to your watch.
    Multimedia control should be automagical already I think, though I’ve not tried it.

  • donkeydunkeydishsoapdrinker
  • Timothy Butterworth

    It would also be nice to be able to control the phone so you can search for and install apps to the phone from the computer. Also to setup some phone apps like email etc. This is a good start.