Google Glass with Field Trip shows the future of augmented reality

Augmented reality apps for smartphones have been around for a few years, letting you use your smartphone’s screen to see the world around you in new ways: with info about historic landmarks or nearby restaurants, for instance.

But up until recently you’ve had to hold up your phone and stare at the world through the camera to overlay that kind of data on images of the world around you.

Google Glass has the potential to change all of that by giving you access to information in your normal field of vision. And now that the company’s Field Trip app is making the journey from smartphones to Glass, exploring the physical world just got a whole lot more digital.

Field Trip on Google Glass

Field Trip started out as a mobile app for Android and iOS that gives you information about nearby attractions including historic locations, stores, restaurants, and more. It can be configured to bring up data whenever you’re near an interesting space and trigger a notification so you know to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Bug Google Glass is a wearable computer that you never have to pull out of your pocket. So when you pair it with the Field Trip app, you can get a notification in your field of view whenever you walk or drive by something interesting.

Then you can choose whether to see more information about the location with a quick command. It’s sort of like having a tour guide for the real world with you all the time.

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