Former Fuduntu team now developing Cloverleaf add-on for OpenSuSE Linux

The team behind the discontinued Fuduntu Linux distribution are shifting their focus yet again.

Earlier this year the team announced plans to stop developing Fuduntu due to declining support for GNOME 2 and GTK2. Instead they had hoped to build a new operating system called Cloverleaf that would be based on OpenSUSE.

Now it looks like that won’t be happening either. Cloverleaf is still coming — but instead of being a standalone operating system, it’ll be a series of add-ons for OpenSUSE.

Cloverlead Linux with KlyDE

The decision to scale back the project was due to lack of manpower. Originally it looked like there would be more than 7 developers available to work on the project. Now it looks like there are just 3.

The good news is that some of the features that had been planned for Cloverleaf will still be available.

Developers are working on a custom kernel, the KlyDE desktop environment, and plugins that will let you do things like access Netflix video streaming on a computer running OpenSUSE. But instead of installing Cloverleaf as its own operating system, you’ll need to first install OpenSUSE and then add the Cloverleaf repositories and install the appropriate packages.

You can find instructions at the Cloverleaf website.

via OStatic

  • Anon Yser

    dammit, fuduntu was fucking awesome compared to what they are doing now

    • Fewt

      Cloverleaf was not Fuduntu, it was a completely separate effort. The only thing they had in common was that a few people who worked on my team started the project and they tried to stick to some of the most popular features we offered.

      From the sound of it, they are making the right decision. Managing a distribution is not a trivial task.

  • Low IQ

    yup! too bad!, I had it and loved it!, Why is it when something works?, then they try to fix it?????????

    • Fewt

      > Why is it when something works?, then they try to fix it?????????

      Uh, what? Fuduntu didn’t close because it worked and needed to be fixed. It didn’t have enough community support or funding.

      I can’t speak for why Cloverleaf stopped targeting being independent except that they couldn’t attract enough help to make the project viable.

      • Low IQ

        I was being facetious…and like most Linux distros, lack of marketing hurt Fuduntu ability for money and people using it,
        it’s why Ubuntu can do so well because of massive in your face approach to get it out there!…and Fuduntu lacked a mascot or some shiny object to catch peoples attention, if it had some special app? or anything people would be hooked on?…but we are just beating this already dead horse!! LOL!

      • Fewt

        Sorry, I totally missed that. XD We had a hard time getting word out, a few sites worked against us intentionally.

        You are right, we did need more but that’s one of the places we needed more help. :-)